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Well I was asked to make one so here goes.


3rd Person OD - Automatically switch to 3rd person on overdrive.
*rrBrowzar - Adds additional server browser functionality.
BumView - Swaps to third/first person view depending on your equiped weapon.
Class Binds - Hotkeys for class selection.
Colorblind Mod - Blue allies.
FairyTrail - Change the trail color for frends/foes in game
FlagAlert - Alerts you with a sound when you get the flag.
FlagHud - Display CTF objective info in a hud.
ImpCTFSounds - Adds team based and midfield flag event sounds.
JumpSki - Jump before you activate jets (Tribes junkie script)
rrMapNit - Pimps your loading screen with map info.
MAShot - Takes a screenshot on mid-air hit.
MidHud - Sets your energy and health bars to the middle.
Peek a Boo - Adds Zoom functionality.
*PowerLevel - Progress bar indicating throw power.
ScoreMatters - Shows scores while loading.
TapFlag - On a quick tap at the throw button, throw at max velocity.
ToggleHud - Toggle in-game hud on/off with a keybind.
Tosser - Combine your throw keys.
TrackTor - Simple stat tracking HUD.


Tribes 2 Voicepack - Allows you to use/hear any of the T2 quickchat voices.


*Impletemented to the game as defaults.
Lol > : D Nice ... Thank for this posting > : D

D:< I dunno how to install =.=
I had put to cs file in the mods file...
But it doesnt work D=


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Just a heads-up.
All scripts now also work driectly from the zip file! All you need to do is drop the zip file to the live folder.


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As said, directly from the zip file. Just save the file you download straight to the live folder. No need to unzip.


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Yes. Although I'm not planning on doing that now. I'll most likely do a more detailed statistics hud later on that also tracks statistics from all of your games and allows you to configure what the hud shows you.

However, I don't have time now (Although I was planning on releasing one thing) and I won't for a while.


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I downloaded a bunch of those and instead of replying in every single thread, i'll do it here.
Thanks alot! Youre doing a good job buddy. I have the hopes that someday some of those might become default stuff... time will tell :p

And btw, more people need to download the t2 quickchat!