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  • JedrekPl
    JedrekPl replied to the thread Hi. Again..
    Sup Volt :DDD
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    stefygraff replied to the thread Hi. Again..
    Hello, just checking in on you!
  • Voltage
    Voltage posted the thread Hi. Again. in Off Topic.
    Hey Legionnaires! It's been a very long time, not even sure how many people might even remember me. I was mostly on euro servers, but...
  • Caputalis
    Latest mod, has server option to start using the PureWhoopAss_clientside_pack_1, only a few explosions have the server option built in...
  • JedrekPl
    JedrekPl reacted to Fixious's post in the thread Old Legions Editor(s) with Like Like.
    To the remaining few who check this forum, I thought I'd throw out another little nugget of past Legions dev info. Considering there's...
  • Caputalis
    Added my old deployable tree seeder core back to the mod, great for base defense by hiding things like turrets under the trees.. Added...
  • Caputalis
    Caputalis posted the thread Tribes1 in Off Topic.
    This is the full tribes1, last hope full game, plus its got better hd graphics added by the community.. you can play on regular servers...
  • Caputalis
    Caputalis posted the thread Master server list? in Bug Reports.
    Is it possible to use my cell phones high speed direct usb wired connection to my laptop and host a small none dedicated game? I would...
  • Caputalis
    Caputalis posted the thread Download BlastSide in Custom Maps.
    Vary small custom map.. to install just place the map zip in your game folder...
  • Caputalis
    Largest map ever made for this game, that I know of... could be fun if we had a bunch of players...