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    Would it be worth buying the rights?

    Please do this! This game is a classic. There really is no other multiplayer FPS game like it. I so wish I could just jump back on right now. If I had $15k to give I would do it and bring the people who loved this game back and invite more into the action. Definitely worth a shot if someone...
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    What is "Puddi"?

    I'm seeing it everywhere around the forum... and I have no idea what it is... does it even relate to Legions in any way? Additionally, is it connected in any way to that video that Seymour posted a few weeks ago?
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    Blade Run now Live

    Thank you so much! My own opinion holds that, while I'm not a big fan of Blade Run specifically, the fact that the devs seriously listened to us and brought back an old map truly warms my heart; this is a great community and team.
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    State of the Empire Address

    Now I feel like I'm in good hands. Thank you SO MUCH devs! Truly, you guys rock.
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    Follow mode in spectator

    Gosh... sorry I said anything. Way to be supportive of everybody-gets-a-say forums.
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    Follow mode in spectator

    I think I also heard that Mabel hates spectator mode, so if that's the case, I wouldn't bet on its resurrection...
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    Legions: Player Details / PUG Positions

    Nicknames/Names known by: lock445 Playing Style/s: Fleeing (LOL), chasing and using rockets constantly Favorite Weapon/s: Rocket Favorite Class/es: Outrider Bomber Favorite Position/s: Capper, Chaser Favorite Map/s: Nivosus, Frostbyte Teamwork is Best With: CTF People I liked Playing With: Most...
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    Propkid, I was not being sarcastic.
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    I vaguely remember using that at one point.... what a blast! Now everyone is so obsessively concerned over something being over-powered. Just throw us some more content, over-powered or not, and the game will be rejuvenated instantly!
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    weapons you would like to see

    Fireblasto, PLEASE stop saying "Read" at every interval like you're the king of all of the information related to Legions... not everyone is as proficient and as well-versed as you in Legions information, so just cut some guys a break, will ya?
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    Download [RELEASE] Syni-Skins

    Nice job that's really impressive!
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    A list of things you learned about llamaing

    When there is no enemy is the opposing base in your way, and I llama, I'll immediately hear "That's pathetic".
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    [Part request, part cool!]Legions Wiki

    Ucantry2run, I understand that your point, however I'd have to side with AddyC on this one. The ease and predictability of going to Google and searching "[insert game name here] wiki" is astounding. The wiki format is so basic and clean, and the database so organized, it truly is the premier...
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    Please read Devs, and anyone who is interested in the future of Legions

    Hi! I find myself constantly checking the blog/forum for updates a few times a day, and I know I sound like some incessant fan, but I'm totally digging this game, but (for me) there's just not enough content to be able spread the word to my friends, or to be able to say when a friend asks what...