New hand grenades, the Skybolt and more

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I just can't wait until the Skybolt can be official.. It's good, however, that we can test the weapons publicly in the test server. Also, having the Skybold publicized leads up to another update that will require the test server to be tested in. :3


why is skybolt so good against heavies :L

Yeah, that's part of my problem with it. Heavies weren't so hard to MA before and now we have an MA machine that can knock heavies around like a bitch. On the other hand, killing mobile lights is a bit easier too, along with slowing down cappers a bit. I'm not sure the pros outweight the cons at this point, however. Interesting weapon though.

I still want my mortar!


This game is a lot better with these updates. At least as far as nades and the skybolt go. I'm not much of a sniper, so I can't speak for that class... But, good work!


1.can't wait for rls^^
2. i like the skybolt because it makes it easier for some newplayers to hit sth. i remember when i started to play i had problems witht the game because you never aim where the enemy actually is.
its like a newcomer-weapon.
3. the frag-handgrenades do fairly good dmg but imo the distance they reach should be controlable (e.g. by holding the handgrenande key).


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Not a big fan of the two kinds of nades. Skybolt is really nice, could take some getting used to though.


No need to be so rude. It's not a rocket, it's a Bolt :eek:. Get this in your skull that this is Legions not Tribes it's not meant to be too similar. I like it because It's a weapon I'm good with, and it make sense to me having a weapon faster but less powerful than rocket. It also adds diversity to the game.

I wasn't being rude, Angel just made assumptions that were false and i'm not a fan of that. I do appreciate the effort and time the devs give to the game and to us, my only reason anymore for getting on-line is to play legions so i'm very grateful.

To say legions is not tribes is not true, with the devs planning to add the Plasma Rifle, Inventories, Cores (Packs) and Turrets it is almost an exact replica of the basic tribes game plan or structure.

The skybolt is way OPed, not in it's actual damaging power but the fact that it's way too easy to MA now. Before the update with just a regular rocket launcher i'd average about 15-20 MAs per map now with the skybolt my MAs have about doubled and the range has increased as well from a usual of 0m-70m to 0m-125mish thats a problem in the hands of people who are know for MAing, See: Homingun-RedVan-Frankenpan etc.
When this weapon goes live and the pubs see these players playing with newbloods a lot of them will probably grow tired of getting destroyed.

I know the game has a lot more in store but i think saying "Just wait for the weapon that counter balances the skybolt" is a bad move, if there is a weapon that does counter balance the bolt then it should be tested at the same time to avoid people like me bitching.


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takes 3 mas to kill with skybolt versus 2 with rocket launcher approximately.. hows this over powering?

if you consider this over powering then you might as well as throw plasma out too because it will be almost as fast as the chaingun but slower projectiles and slightly slower rate and you mise well throw out mortar launcher as well because one round from that at about 30 meter radius will be toast.. hell lets throw out all the weapons out for that matter considering their effectiveness.


u mad.

3 MAs yes, which are way to easy to get in a row even. Thats it's problem, now the game is point and click.
Great to see the new weapons make their appearance. Although, yeah. The skybolt is not without its problems right now. And I'm not talking about it being evidently overpowered.

The main thing I'm struggling with it this: it's boring. Not something that's easily balanced or easily fixed, I know. More than it doing too much damage, I think it has to do with the fact that it's such an utterly versatile weapon. It works just as well in chase as in close quarters, and you can boost yourself with it on routes as well. Oh, and it does combos. I found myself not switching to any other weapon for the entire length of the game, just because there was no need. This mid-air rifle does everything. It's not fun enough: it's simply a more versatile and (at the moment) a more destructive version of the rocket launcher.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's a pretty serious issue. What exactly is the purpose of this weapon supposed to be? Can we focus it more? How can we make it... interesting?

There's also some minor bugs and rough edges to the execution. Firstly, I'm sure you noticed that sometimes the explosion graphics do not render. I don't know if the explosion still does any damage, but it occurred to me a good couple of times.

Also, the effects could definitely use some tweaking. They look extremely fuzzy and cloudy at the moment. . It's very hard to see -exactly- where the head of the projectile is, especially at long range and shallow angles. This seems odd, because the weapon is supposed to be sharp and focussed and direct and all that. It just goes damn fast, so it needs a very clear effect.

Oh, and I'm not sure the phrase 'dose of metal rations' would pass the Zhou Yu test of excellent English. Seeing as a ration is defined as a fixed amount of a commodity, and a dose is defined as... a fixed amount of a commodity. But you know, I'm being pedantic. And loving it.


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the issue with the trail is here

startFadeDistance = 200;
endFadeDistance = 300;

this is the typical fading distance with most of the effects, but im working the team to correct this so trails are more evident.. gernade trail has this as well. I'm glad you mentioned the head of the trail, that was overlooked so I'll go and make something nifty for that.

Regardless of how you think the weapon and how its being applied, it will still be used in the game. It still requires skill just like all other weapons, in fact i find it more difficult at times because it even overshoots because of its speed. I'm not for nor im against your decisons. But the dev team has put great effort in finding something suitable for the community to enjoy and seems like same group of individuals are griping about it... if you don't like it so much then why do the updates? I can foresee great outcries by same people about other updates and weapons but in the end it's what dev team finds suitable. Remember folks this will be the base version and you can make your own mods once they find the tools for you to do it. The special effects for the explosion is old data i created, theres a new one i released the other day but didn't make the testing phase.. deadguy put the skybolt out there for you guys to at least have something new to toy with. Breathe some life into whats seems to be dying community.......

Show little respect.. because if it wasn't for the dev team and other people backing it there wouldn't be any gaming... I like the direction its taking because it adds depth to the game. If anything i would show a little more support.


I'm tired of the "show some respect to the dev's" line, we do appreciate them and the efforts put forth. But if you guys don't want feed back then don't ask for it, update the game as you see fit and lock these threads.

but in the end it's what dev team finds suitable
Thats fine and they can have a grand ol'time playing the game alone or with the handful of people that don't fully move to T:A.
I love the game as much as the next guy but the skybolt as it is now was a bad move, like radio stated you don't need any other weapons with it in the game, thats a problem and what seems to be an over looked or under addressed one.


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Personally Seymour is enjoying the negative and positive feedback in this thread. I don't see anyone being disrespectful to the devs here, they're giving their concerns about the new weapon but also backing up that concern with credible, indepth feedback.

My own thoughts on the Skybolt? It's a bit of a mixed bag for me, and I can see the concern that it's more of a 'mod' weapon and not a truly unique weapon.

Anyhow, don't worry about hurting Dev feelings by posting less than positive feedback for us. Help us help you!


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i see how it may appear over powering with the hitting up close but i was having hard time adapting versus rockets because im use to rocket speeds. Unless your actually dualing someone who is dodging you can't really hit them at point click. I think it caters to those who love to snipe but don't want to sit around and doing nothing. I could just can continue owning some folks up close or distance with sniper because it has high damage or actually be more proactive and go to the fight... i don't know about you but i would rather be closer to my persurer and actually given chance defend myself versus someone picking me off in the distance. Remember that next time lanthus snipes you.

i think the skybolt was also stated to be slightly unique but just better version of RII and the plasma will be the better CGII and the mortar will be the real GII with larger radius.


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I have an idea for a weapon...I want it to fire like a grenade launcher but here's the catch. It's going to be a leech where when you hit them it hurts overtime. Like 5 damage points every 3 seconds. Also the more you hit them the higher the damage multiplier goes up. (twice: 10 damage points every 3 sec. , thrice: 15 damage points every 3 sec. ,etc.) I'm not sure if the developers read these but if you do I would like this. Thanks
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