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    legions of overdrive distribution permission request

    Hello, and thanks for reaching out. :) Unfortunately we cannot distribute the game anywhere other than the website due to our licensing agreement. Sorry I don't have better news... :(
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    InstantAction bot

    Haha, neato!
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    The pretty princess gets all the points. Always. :)
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    New Game - MIDAIR

    Look at your tricks. ;)
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    L:O' failings-and-future

    What don't you understand?
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    New Game - MIDAIR

    It's going to be called "The Scoot Jet Initiative" or "Scooty Jet" for short.
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    New Game - MIDAIR

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    L:O' failings-and-future

    Two things: IAC shutdown IA before they officially announced our project (Legions: Overdrive) was live. We lost a TON of players because of that. -- Two biggest influencers IMO.
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    New Game - MIDAIR

    Hey everyone, we haven't forgotten about you. It's one thing to run a demo for a small subset of players and another to release our media to the world (because that's where it is, it isn't just here). You can expect something soon but we want it to look real good for you all. :)
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    Team Zeta

    We did but they didn't want to get caught up in the legal requirements.
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    New Game - MIDAIR

    Stay tuned!
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    New Game - MIDAIR

    Hey guys, thanks for the faith and support in the new project! We can't talk about much now unfortunately, but I'll make sure you're all well informed and involved when the time is right. :)
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    Legions Launcher

    No doubt these would be great features. See if you can get some community modders to create them and they might make it into the game.
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    Legions memes