Who made you play the way you play today??


Some people might've noticed that I used to play with rockets only, no CG or anything. Blame/thank Ikke, he taught me about hotswap and i <3d it so much i didnt want to touch non-RL weapons anymore ;p
Now I use the Hornet. Most of the damage I deal is rockets, but whenever someone is in a hard-to-MA position/ too far/ low on HP I use the LR. Devs made me do this ;] no, really it was the sniper discussion threads in here; got me interested and i stuck with it


Ive started to use the LR Quite a bit nowadays and found myself getting some pretty nice kills , (Also getting told to STOP BEING A NOOB) <3


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When I was 17 I used to watch Demonakki play Tribes. Very versatile player and was able to pull off awesome game saving moves when needed. I Learned from him that awarness and positioning are the keys to success.


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Didn't get trained by anyone, but did practice some stuff with random people when the server was empty. 's why I suck. :D
Actually he is one of the best players I know, with or without ping.

It was Anteros and Floks who gave me the most pointers when I was starting out. Okay fine, Kirby helped too.


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PuG's made me better.

Dunno where you got your incredibly fat ass from. Guess it's something you have developed by yourself.


I got a list :eek: I'll do it in order of how much effort they put into me.
Shadow-Jutsu (wasn't really training, just fighting him made me better)
Oblivion (HoF training - I can play HoF but I find it boring, might try it more often I <3 new clusters)
MariQo(wasn't really training, just fighting him made me better)
HardStylePete <333 (wasn't really training, just fighting him made me better 300 ping :confused:)
TROOPER (wasn't really training, just fighting him made me better at fighting in Heavy)
Xecuteur (wasn't really training, just fighting him made me better - in German ping)
SidHartan (wasn't really training, just fighting him made me better - in 100ping)


when i first came legions i stood around alot just watching how the game is played yes i stood in some odd places alot of u wondered what the hell i was doing lol and i took alot of stick over it. taking a beating from you guys taught me how to defend myself although i dont do it very well at all i can be effective at times. the reason i play the way i do is because no1 really took the time to show me but i was given advice from disci and jay so i thank you 2


Who made me play the way I play today? I think Mabel made me play the way I play today because back in the day when I use to Suck horribly I was a fan of his chain whoring and Clutchness on LO (Light offense).
Specially the BowlParty, I would always try and see if I could follow the same way He does it. I still use the BowlParty tactic in Pug's if the other Team's cappers are really effective and getting the grabs. I try my best to let em have one of my rockets. I try not to play like Mabel, Hopefully Ill accomplish to not play like him but to play as the new Top LO, Skepsis.

Also, For My dueling I'd say Floks and Shade helped Me out. Giving me information about dueling I have never really noticed helped me a lot. I try and implement my Dueling in to My LO and try to fix my flag awareness which is just horrid.

For My Capping which I wasn't very good at but tried it anyway, I thank Buhlitz :)

Darklord's video I stumbled upon on the old IA forum got me into chasing and more serious about the game. Then Ihop222 (were those the numbers?) first helped me out with body blocking and chasing a bit. Ucantry2run helped me a bit at one point, then Unknown and KiosK got me going even further.


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My moment of enlightenment came when I saw OmniNept, OmniFilt3r, and OmniSketch all dueling on a DM server. I went over to fight them (thinking "I'm gonna go *garsh* with this obvious clan"), and promptly got hit by probably 2 MAs each before I died. Not saying I had that much HP, just saying that's how fast they came. I kept trying (I was ground pounding) and trying... After a few days or so of playing with them, Filt3r asked if I wanted to come in their vent, so I did. That's probably where I found out they were dueling MAs only (not even CG, which is why I don't understand why everyone thinks Omni= CG), and have only been playing for a week or so themselves.

It was them who taught me the benefits of all the aspects to the way Omni plays.

And then there was Tony.