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This page contains all my released mods, be they Reticles, HUDs, Weapon Skins or anything else.

Ammo Warning
Kill Pop
Quit To Desktop

Two Tone ColourBlind Mod
Here's a little something RockeyRex and I worked together on.
A slightly modified version of his original colourblind mod script, this one is a lighter Blue as a main colour, and the objective icons have been edited to have a darker border around the edges, ensuring that they're Always visible.
Download | Preview
Pro's : More visible icons.
Con's : Must use the included objective icons. If you have modded objective icons, you'll have to do the same as I did. Or ask me really nicely to do it for you.

Important: Make sure that .png files are set as Read Only. Paramount ones should already be, but the Pivotal ones wont.
Paramount Reticles
Download | Preview
Notes: For now, skipped out on SniperReticle_FullZoom and Chaingun Overheat bars. Will make if needed or requested by enough people. (chaingun overheat bar coming soon, as combined with mabels bar it looks strange)

Here's the fix for the grenade reticle. It's not in the original download yet, so if you're just downloading the rets now, you will still need to download the image below as well.

MortarReticle01.png (just click to enlarge, then rightclick and save link as. You'll have to set the file as read only.

Pivotal Reticles
Download | Preview
Notes: Old reticle set from FE:L days. Some parts irrelevant.

Heads Up Displays (HUDs):
Red Holo HUD
Download | Preview

Rocket Launcher Trails
RocketFusor (Cyan)
Download | Preview
It's a light blue rocket trail (looks a bit like those spinfusors, Tribers)

Works In Progress
In Dev
Advanced Spectate/Demo Camera
-Hotkeys to lock onto specific things, Bookmarking of locations/players to quickly jump to
-(not sure if possible) Smooth cinematic camera, i.e. slow acceleration giving smoother movement, + camera sliding from player/bookmark to player/bookmark.
Development paused until I know what the devs are already designing.

On Hold (will pick up again some time later)
Ignore/Mute Player script (Don't have time atm, but am looking at rewriting the code to be server sided, and work a little more efficiently)
Hunters (am procrastinating)
Scrapped (Various Reasons)
Team Rabbit 2 (already in dev by other modder)
Correction, you remember the pivotal rets. I only just released the Paramount rets, as a bit of a celebration for LOD release :D


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I'm liking the Paramount rocket and grenade! Gonna stick with 'em for a while I think. I was using the Pivotal grenade for a long time too.
Just a quick update.
I have now Almost finished work on a working Ignore / Mute Player system. Or IMP as I like to call it. This will mean if a certain player is being extremely irritating with spam or just by being plain rude, you can "ignore" them, and their Chat messages/Quickchats will no longer appear in the chat/play. Alternatively you can "mute" them, and everything will still appear in the chat box, but quickchat's Wont play any sounds. (keep in mind I mean only Their quickchats, you can hear everyone else just fine.)

So far I've got the actual Main part of the script working (though I have to check if it's up to standards, since it manipulates the way the game actually works, rather than simply adding to it, it gets a bit more complicated), and just have to work on the GUI. I suspect the GUI that I make will merely be placeholder, as I'm sure the current game pause GUI is going to get a workover at some point. (at Which point I might try to make my gui a bit more like the T:V one; click to select a name, then click the button on the side to mute/ignore/unmute/unignore. )
The way the current pause menu is set up, that wouldn't be easy to do, without actually remaking the menu myself, so I'm going to leave that for now :p.