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Over the past few months I've been working on a new launcher to replace the old one, and now I feel it's about time to get it tested by a wider audience. At some point in the future, this will become the main launcher and support for the old one will disappear - so it needs testing by as many people as possible.

Download here!

Some of the features/differences include:

- Doesn't rely on .NET framework (a common stumbling block for quite a few users, sadly).
- Patch server doesn't have to do as much work, so updates will be slightly faster
- Launcher auto updates - you'll always be on the latest version
- No login required
- It's limited to one channel - live (the public test channel will be distributed as another set of files in the future)
- Files no longer needed will be deleted
- Read only files are used as an intended feature to keep your mods safe
- Only performs a file check when an update is needed (and not every time the game loads)
- A launcher.log file with a decent amount of logging to show which files are updated, and which are kept if they're read only
- The launcher is distributed as a self extracting .exe file, to stop people running the launcher inside a zip file!

Hopefully a few common questions will be answered by this mini FAQ:

This thing is deleting my mods! How do I keep the files safe?

The launcher currently protects files which are matched by the following:

*.zip (root directory only)

If your file matches one of these - you don't need to set it to read only! If you can, please create your mod as a zip file for the root directory of the game installation.

If you really want to hack parts of the game which can't be easily done with mod zip files, just set it to read only and the launcher will skip it. Please remember to check launcher.log when you see an update. If there are any problems - first thing we'll ask is for you to do a clean install.

Ooops - I deleted something, how do I do a full file check?

Delete manifest.bin and restart the launcher - this currently forces a full file check.

Note: this will be part of the launcher UI in future.

I don't want to download again, can I copy my install?

Yes. Just copy your existing "live" directory into the same directory launcher.exe is in - and rename it to "game".

I found a problem with...

Please use the bug reports forum! Include as much detail as possible, operating system version, etc.
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Version 0.6.8

Two more config files are now protected from deletion:



I noticed that I have to delete manifest.bin each time there's an update, like a map update from yesterday. Otherwise, it would get stuck just updating game all day unless I delete it. Can't you perhaps make the launcher delete it each time it runs? You said earlier that this launcher is what new players would download once they come into the game, and perhaps they don't know to delete the manifest.bin so they just end up leaving the game because they can't join.


GReaper said:
Read only files are used as an intended feature to keep your mods safe

I guess this will be tricky for us mod guys.
When first modding, editing files I may not have them in a zip, but maybe just in the scripts folder.
If you make lets say a new weapon file.cs and place it in the weapons folder, it will be deleted if not set to read only?


Lead Developer
No , it only checks/update files that are part of the regular installation.. anything you add you can leave alone.

jk I guess greaper changed it
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Yes, commented out Poponfu's reply to avoid confusion. With the new launcher, any files which are no longer needed get deleted, and any modified files get updated.

You've got a few choices:

Set the files to read only. The new launcher will respect read only files and will never update or delete them. Yes, this might be a pain if you want to update them constantly, however it's an easy way of changing a file we distribute and replacing it with something else.

Put the file in a location where the launcher won't delete files. The launcher won't delete anything in the "mods" directory, so put stuff there.

Package your mod in a zip file in the root directory. This is the preferred one, as the files contained in the zip file can be "placed" in other directories. The launcher won't delete any zip files in the root directory.

Copy your game directory elsewhere and do mod development there. An easy option, although you may need to update with the live version if updates are required to continue playing on live servers.


Test Lead
I'd like to see the missions folder added to the list of protected directories. Anyone working on a new map will have to deal with checking/unchecking the Read Only box every time they want to edit it again or else they run the risk of completely losing it (like I just did). Same goes for adding a new map to test out.


That would potentially lead to cruft, so it's a most likely going to remain a no. Just copy the game directory if you're planning on map editing.

However, I'll see if I can get the launcher to move any files to be updated/deleted to the recycle bin, so at least they can be recovered if a mistake is made.


I'm planning on removing support for the old launcher soon.

Are there any remaining features which need addressing before doing this?


Yes. The ability to install third party, maps, map-packs, client-packs, voice-packs, etc, that are hosted some place, and approved, deemed safe to install, by devs...
Legends the Game has this option in their installer, for the BT map pack, vary nice..
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