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  • what do i set the # of times to trace because im doing everything in the instructions but same dam things comes out and you guys saying im doing something wrong
    Yo i posted traceroute and all that under bug report been freezing up alot, and re downloaded like 4 times already if you could take a look it'd be great!
    Greap, i have an important message I'd like you to get to bugs for me... i'm having difficulty contacting him. e-mail me at because i can't privately message you on here
    Phuck yes, I love being disregarded.
    *Watch red dwarf*
    *Have strange feeling for rest of day, trying to figure out where I had seen it before*
    Mr flibble, you sly penguin you.
    I think I can help a bit, i have some free time right now and i really want to take a look at the script, maybe i can do something. Can you please give me the Hunder mod script please?
    Hey GReaper! Can't seem to get in touch any other way - was just wondering if I could get admin in one or two dedicated US servers for future use... If not, it's completely ok! It's just I'm very active and there have been a few instances where a server admin was needed.
    Thanks for your time,
    hey i got my server to work and i got people to jion i but... can u give me a step by step on how to mod... other people are telling me legions.exe but i dont get it... what do i do or press when i get there... plz and thanks
    The whole ElementTown server's function of being able to throw the flag and throw handgrenades are crapped out, needs fixing.
    Yo G, any news about hostwap? me and my team want to pratice saturday, there is any chance yhe servers be fixed until there? if yes, its possible get a private server to us?
    There a player in the Public server by the name of Xephos keep callin me racial slurs such as the N word nd talkin (S word) to other players that keep tellin him to stop but he wont listen smh
    Hey GReaper,
    I was wondering if it is possible to reset the SG Public Test server, because at the moment, we are not able to throw hand grenades or flags.

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