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    Legions Launcher

    Version 0.6.15 Upgraded to Python 2.7.18 Minor logging tweaks Updated requests, certifi Required for downloading updates due to the certifi package update.
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    I've split this discussion from the other thread. My personal opinion is that riding an existing chat system is far easier than building a custom client+server given the amount of players still left. A bot which sits on either TS3 or Discord and deals with signups would probably be far less...
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    Incase it's needed, I've created a quick cloud-init user-data script: It should allow you to quickly bring up a Legions server on any cloud provider which supports cloud-init. I've tested it on DigitalOcean - and it can bring up...
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    Launcher Stops Responding After I Click Join

    If you can't load legions.exe directly it's not a launcher problem.
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    Launcher Stops Responding After I Click Join

    Shows nothing wrong with the launcher - try and launch legions.exe directly to see what problems there are.
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    Launcher Stops Responding After I Click Join

    Can't diagnose this without the launcher.log file.
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    This also works fine under OS X. I personally use MacPorts, and: should allow this script to work. You can probably use Homebrew for wine as well.
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    Legions Launcher

    Version 0.6.14 Updated requests. Now using certifi for SSL verification. Updated SSL CA path to help the launcher running in Wine. Updated DirectX download URL.
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    Outdated List of Legions Launcher Bugs and Their Fixes

    I've unstickied this thread and changed the title - it's outdated. Yes - annoyingly Microsoft has changed the URL to the DirectX runtime installer. I'll update the launcher to point to the right URL at some point over the next few days. However this thread is now officially useless.
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    Launcher language?

    Python 2.7 (as the current PySide doesn't support Python 3 yet). PySide for the GUI, so it's Qt - but the package has an acceptable license. Other packages include esky for auto updating the launcher itself, cx-Freeze for generating the .exe file, requests for HTTP requests, Send2Trash to move...
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    Central Slack Channel

    I think this article explains why you shouldn't use Slack for public chat. It's an article aimed at open source projects which use Slack as a public tool, however the same arguments apply to anyone trying to use it as a public channel - it's not designed for it. Something like Discord is...
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    And I've switched back to the new certificate again. The updated launcher (version 0.6.13) should work with it.
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    Legions Launcher

    Version 0.6.13 Updated Python, and all libraries (esky, requests, pyside) to latest versions. Added Let's Encrypt CA certificates, removed StartCom certificates.
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    Ooops - I've reverted the change until I can put in the proper fix for the new SSL certificate.
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    Legions Launcher

    Hopefully this should reduce the number of bug reports for something which is a very common problem. Let me know if you get the warning when you're absolutely certain you've got it installed.