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Warrior of Linux
<[57th]Romance> There's a radio station in my area that has a weekly contest.
<[57th]Romance> If you win, the station will pay your billls.
<[57th]Romance> And that is why I listen to that station every weekday morning.
<[57th]Romance> Even if I have to keep listening to "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi
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<Outlawl> [57th]Romance
<Outlawl> How old are you boy
<Outlawl> you don't have bills


[57th]Romance: And it's all because of good ol' Legions
[57th]Romance: Breaking up children from their parents since 2008
Fireblasto: Oh god
Fireblasto: Tell me about it
Outlawl: "Honey, time for dinner"
Outlawl: "SHUT THE *dance* UP MOM, I'M PUGGING"
Strife: NOT NOW CHIEF I'M IN THE *dancing* ZONE
Evil-Twat: now I finally see what all those bear grylls memes are from
Strife: what.


<Vector> Did I mention that I found an objective way to judge games?
<Vector> Legions isn't as good as Quake
<@Outlawl> o
<@Strife> rly
<Armageddon> diaf
<Armageddon> quake no Z axis. = fail game
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<Armageddon> showed him


test bester
Please do come in and join us in #legions
[14:07] <@SeymourGore> i do like to sit on the pot
[14:08] <@SeymourGore> gives me time to read
[14:08] <Application-1> not when its hard though
[14:08] <Application-1> then its tense :\
[14:08] <@SeymourGore> as you get older, your anus muscles become more relaxed
[14:08] <@SeymourGore> there's nothing too hard or big that can't be pooped
[14:09] <Astrum|Lap> whatever you say randy
[14:10] <Astrum|Lap> tho I don't think I'll ever be able to top a *chocolate cookies* I took a few years ago
[14:10] <Astrum|Lap> man that thing was amazing
[14:10] <Application-1> pictures?
[14:10] <Astrum|Lap> didn't take any
[14:10] <Application-1> shame
[14:10] <Astrum|Lap> it was as long as my forearm, about as thick too
[14:11] <Astrum|Lap> stretched all the way from the bottom of the bowl to the rim
[14:11] <Astrum|Lap> was very impressive
[14:11] <Application-1> i did that in the hospital I kept my crap in for 3 days because i did not wanted to do it in some small pot (fourth day I could go to bathroom myself) But the third day they told me considering I hadent pooped in a while they wanted to give me a enema
[14:12] <Application-1> I told them I rather pooped in the potty
[14:12] <Application-1> :\
[14:12] <Astrum|Lap> lol
[14:12] <Astrum|Lap> well, I didn't keep it in
[14:12] <@SeymourGore> i think everybody here has had a poop they regret not taking a photo of
[14:12] <Application-1> anyways, holding your poop in for 3 days = big forearm poops
[14:12] <Astrum|Lap> I just had like an entire box of grape nuts
[14:12] <Astrum|Lap> it was amazing
[14:13] <Astrum|Lap> also if you don't know what grape nuts are, it's a cereal
[14:13] <Astrum|Lap> having nothing to do with grapes or nuts =P
[14:13] <Application-1> raisins work for me
[14:13] <Application-1> goes down like a brick
[14:13] <Application-1> and comes out as a brick


[19:00] <@Astrum|Lap> where's this concept art
[19:01] <@Astrum|Lap> medium looks like a heavy
[19:01] * Severance is AFK, ಠ_ಠ —I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n—
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[19:02] == mode/#tribesascend [+v Severance] by Q
[19:03] <+puppyg> link nao
[19:03] <@Fixious> yeah, medium is quite big. hell i think their light is a tad big even
[19:03] <@Fixious> heavies are probably *dancing* mechs
[19:03] <@Fixious> ala starsiege
[19:04] <+puppyg> That's what she said!
[19:04] <+puppyg> :O
[19:04] <@Fixious> sheeeit
[19:04] * puppyg highfives everyone in the channel


[18:15] <ripperthedipper> 57th
[18:15] <ripperthedipper> i thought these guys only recruited mature people?
[18:18] <RockeyRex> Well they have App so go figure
[18:19] <ripperthedipper> but app isnt the one taunting people in pugs
[18:19] <RockeyRex> But
[18:19] <RockeyRex> He called me YOU!
[18:19] <ripperthedipper> omgawd

EDIT: One moar

[21:54] <@Evil-Twat> yesterday was wednesday
[21:54] <RockeyRex> loltanklol
[21:54] <tank093> whose analku
[21:54] <tank093> afafafaf
[21:54] <@Gheist> we now have to go wat?
[21:54] <kasityolainen> what day is tomorrow?
[21:54] <@Outlawl> tank?
[21:54] <@Gheist> because all go wat? when hes around
[21:54] <@Evil-Twat> tomorrow is wednesday
[21:54] <@Outlawl> TANK?
[21:55] <Fixious> i dont know. gonna have to ask that rebecca black *lovely lady*
[21:55] <@Outlawl> TANK?!?!?!?!
[21:55] <RockeyRex> Wha?
[21:55] <@Evil-Twat> everyday is wednesday
[21:55] <tank093> nop


He's alive!

<Rougey> im at uni
<Rougey> and bored
<Armageddon_> yay!
<Rougey> this lecture is sucking eggs
<Rougey> so i thought i'd pop in and see how things are going
<Armageddon_> *dance* it. it's probably useless anyhow
<Rougey> no, its useful
<Armageddon_> Aussies suck at search parties btw. no one would go and look for you.
<Rougey> but its *chocolate cookies* i already know
<Rougey> why do we suck?
<Rougey> Did another bloody tourist get lost?
<Armageddon_> i tried to get the aussies here to go find you, but no one would take up the cause.
<Rougey> Also, that was hilariouus - she's talking about how kids are saturated with advertising
<Rougey> and pulls up a youtube clip
<Armageddon_> .... thats not helping her case any
<Rougey> Also, nobody really knows me outside of Legions
<Armageddon_> doesnt matter, how big can aus be anyhow ;)
<Rougey> and Eve, I kept in contact with Alex and a few of the fins
<Rougey> oh
<Rougey> about the size of the US
<Armageddon_> see tiny lol
<Rougey> with... dunno, whats 300 divided by 20?
<Armageddon_> big
<Rougey> space*
<Rougey> few people
<Rougey> big spac
<Rougey> bye!
<Armageddon_> :(
<Armageddon_> later
<Rougey> oh, lecture over


[22:23] <anaklu> outlawl
[22:23] <anaklu> i like this nept quote
[22:24] <anaklu> why cant i be eloquent like nept
[22:24] <anaklu> i have all these thoughts but i cant put them into words
[22:24] <@Outlawl> Because you're stupid
[22:24] <anaklu> wow


Test Lead
[13:29] <Fixious> so, sharp pain in stomach for 3 days. diagnosis: go!
[13:29] <@[57th]Stilgar> cancer
[13:29] <@Outlawl> aids
[13:29] <@[57th]Stilgar> aids cancer
[13:29] <kasityolainen> evil spirits
[13:29] <@[57th]Stilgar> cancer aids
[13:30] <xtreme_> anal cancer
[13:30] <@[57th]Stilgar> eveil aids
[13:30] <xtreme_> end of story


Test Lead
[16:44] <@SeymourGore> what's your GPU?
[16:45] <BurningFinger> I played it on some ancient piece of shitwhen it was on instantaction
[16:45] <Xx_SphinX_xX> GPU?
[16:45] <Fixious> lulz
[16:45] <BurningFinger> graphics card
[16:45] <Xx_SphinX_xX> hm
[16:45] <Xx_SphinX_xX> Dont have one right now. I had opengl


Warrior of Linux
<Astrum|Lap> btw, got a job interview, SeymourGore
<Astrum|Lap> 32nd floor
<Astrum|Lap> oh yeah!
<SeymourGore> !?
<SeymourGore> where at?
<Astrum|Lap> downtown denver
<Astrum|Lap> trying to find the building on google maps with street view
<Astrum|Lap> too bad this is in the business district and all of the buildings are tall
<SeymourGore> that'd be cool, i think you'd be closer to me then
<Astrum|Lap> oh wait
<Astrum|Lap> I found it
<Astrum|Lap> bloody hell where am I going to park
<SeymourGore> public transit, i reckon
<SeymourGore> they'd probably charge an arm and a leg for a parking stall
<Astrum|Lap> and this entrance connects two sky scrapers
<SeymourGore> at least they do in downtown winnipeg
<Astrum|Lap> which one is it
<Astrum|Lap> there's metered parking on either side of the street
<Astrum|Lap> 100% chance I won't be able to find parking on the side though
<SeymourGore> nearby parking compound?
<Astrum|Lap> there appears to be a parking lot across the street...
<Astrum|Lap> I'm guessing $5/hr
<SeymourGore> maybe they have cheaper annual or monthly rates
<Astrum|Lap> also, I could take the bus
<Astrum|Lap> it'd require...
<Astrum|Lap> let me look
<SeymourGore> latex gloves and a hygienic mask