Funny IRC Quotes


<@Strife|AFK> MABEL UT3
<@Strife|AFK> <@Mabel> R U CHALLUNGING ME
<@Strife|AFK> NEPT IS
<@Strife|AFK> we have our own ded now
<@Strife|AFK> come.
<@Mabel> i don't own ut3
<@Mabel> and i don't feel like getting ass raped
<@Mabel> no condoms
<Astrum|Lap> s'alright, last time I played ut3 it wasn't so great
<@Mabel> *chocolate cookies* ty game
<@Mabel> *chocolate cookies* ty art
<@Mabel> *chocolate cookies* ty map design
<@Mabel> *chocolate cookies* ty art
<OmniNept> legions
<@Mabel> shitty FLaG bul *chocolate cookies*
<OmniNept> amazing game
<@Mabel> or whatever
<OmniNept> amazing art
<OmniNept> amazing map design
<OmniNept> amazing art
<@Mabel> also
<@Mabel> i'm good at legions
<@Mabel> not ut
<OmniNept> IN *dancing* CREDIBLE LIGHTING


Just had an enlightening convernsation on IRC channel:

[19:05] <MJ1284> oye folks
[19:05] <MJ1284> just me or has the Public games gone from bad to totally abyssmal?
[19:06] <MJ1284> played two matches today, spent the second one merely trouting around and trolling
[19:06] <MJ1284> ... and it was the best Pub match I've been in!
[19:06] <@Outlawl> \o/
[19:06] <kasityolainen> it's just you
[19:07] <MJ1284> yeh, could be just me
[19:07] <kasityolainen> all the pubs i've been in have been totally fantastic and wonderful with totally balanced teams
[19:07] <kasityolainen> with no kiddie *dance*tards stacking teams
[19:07] <MJ1284> ... what the hell have you been drinking?
[19:07] <kasityolainen> beer
[19:07] <MJ1284> how many?
[19:08] <kasityolainen> a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell
[19:09] <kasityolainen> then again haven't played much lately
[19:10] <MJ1284> figures
[19:10] <kasityolainen> that's the reason i miss dm
[19:10] <kasityolainen> it didn't matter if you had a shitty team
[19:10] <kasityolainen> you could carry it yourself
[19:10] <kasityolainen> which isn't really the case in ctf

It's funny and sad at same time because kasityo is correct.


Warrior of Linux
<emnesty> im asking a question
<emnesty> that aint trolling
<emnesty> let fire to complete
<Jordan> I explain what it is
<Jordan> and you say
<Jordan> [16:35] <emnesty> offensive?
<Jordan> [16:35] <Fir3blasto> Its ineffective
<Jordan> [16:35] <emnesty> whats wrong with that
<Jordan> It's just a nogo
<Jordan> it's annoying and useless
* Fireblasto has quit (Signed off)
<Jordan> alright?
<emnesty> ok
<emnesty> but dont kick me for no reason again
<emnesty> alright?
<Jordan> I can't I'm not an op
<Jordan> sadly
<Fir3blasto> hehe
<Gheist> would you?
<Jordan> I might
<Jordan> :p
<Fir3blasto> :D
* Gheist gives channel operator status to Jordan
<emnesty> see
* Jordan has kicked emnesty from (You really wanted it, right?)
* Gheist removes channel operator status from Jordan
<Jordan> whoops
<Jordan> did I do that
<Jordan> :eek:
<Fir3blasto> His moment of fame :)
<Jordan> wrong button, ma bad


<In7-Battelstar> ali, how many hugs do u need, eh?
<m90ali> ok ok
<m90ali> hahaha
<m90ali> <3
* GReaper changes topic to ''
* @Disci rolls in *chocolate cookies* and hugs m90ali
* Fireblasto changes topic to 'MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA'
<In7-Battelstar> rofl
* m90ali kills himself
<In7-Battelstar> finally
<In7-Battelstar> !!1


[15:29] <Application-1> omg
[15:29] <Application-1> if you say boo
[15:29] <Application-1> then oops
[15:29] <Application-1> tits like
[15:29] <Application-1> tits like*
[15:29] <Application-1> boobs
[15:30] <@Disci> i like where this discusion is going
[15:30] <Unleashed> I sense a disturb in the force


[ 13:49] <Anaklu> anyone wanna play magicka?
[ 13:49] <-- Lamneth has quit (Signed off)
[ 13:50] <Astrum|Lap> no
[ 13:50] <Astrum|Lap> quit being gay
[ 13:51]<-- rainp has quit (Ping timeout)
[ 13:53]<Mabel> oshit
[ 13:53]<Mabel> he got you anak


Private Tester
[15:29] <Application-1> omg
[15:29] <Application-1> if you say boo
[15:29] <Application-1> then oops
[15:29] <Application-1> tits like
[15:29] <Application-1> tits like*
[15:29] <Application-1> boobs
[15:30] <@Disci> i like where this discusion is going
[15:30] <Unleashed> I sense a disturb in the force

lol talk about a one track mind


[22:13] <Velocity> Mabel, is always full of hate.
[22:13] <Velocity> :)
[22:13] <@Mabel> if you had to deal with you people
[22:13] <@Mabel> you would kill yourself
[22:13] <Velocity> I have to deal with you, thats enough
[22:14] <Velocity> <3
[22:14] *** Mabel sets channel #legions mode +b *!**********************************
[22:14] *** you were kicked from #legions by Mabel (MIGAWG)

<22:15:44> You were banned permanently from the server by "Mabel" (I WARNED YOU)
<22:15:44> Disconnected from server
<22:15:59> Trying to resolve hostname
<22:15:59> Trying to connect to server on
<22:15:59> You are banned permanently. Reason: "I WARNED YOU"

[2010-12-07 09:59:23] <ocarina_boy> I don't think any of us are 'human'
[2010-12-07 09:59:29] <ocarina_boy> this is just an experience
I just noticed this wasn't on here, so yeah.


Legions Developer
{16:08:44} <LindN> my brother once had a xbox 360.
{16:08:49} <LindN> he sold it to buy a ps3.
{16:09:05} <LindN> however with the release of the updated xbox 360 slim, he sold his ps3 to buy a slim
{16:09:19} <LindN> today he went to the game store to sell his xbox 360 and buy a ps3.
{16:09:35} <LindN> what the hell


[20:03] <@Mabel> strife
[20:03] <@Mabel> u jelly
[20:03] <@Strife> ya
[20:03] <@Strife> puddi jelly
[20:03] <@GReaper> RT 01:03 <@Strife> puddi jelly
[20:03] <@Strife> lol.
[20:04] <@Outlawl> :|
[20:04] <@Strife> \o\
[20:04] <@Mabel> this is the greatest day ever
[20:04] <@GReaper> @Outlawl you suck


test bester
[14:46] <@Disci> found a pic of Application-1
[14:46] <@Disci> diving after the flag on stand off
[14:47] <@Disci> really awesome
[14:47] <@Application-1> :D
[14:47] <@Disci> cool colors
[14:47] <@Application-1> is that so
[14:47] <@Disci> [URL][/URL]
[14:47] <@Disci> yes
[14:47] <@Application-1> :D
[14:47] <@Application-1> marvelous
[14:47] <@Disci> indeed
[14:47] <@Application-1> so elegant
[14:47] <@Disci> yes
[14:48] <@Disci> heres annihilation
[14:48] <@Disci> [URL][/URL]
[14:48] <@Disci> not exactly the same imo
[14:48] <@Application-1> hehe
[14:48] <@Disci> finaly
[14:48] <@Disci> guesstori
[14:48  <@Disci> [URL][/URL]
[14:48] <@Disci> now thats pretty dirty
[14:49] <@Application-1> hahahaha
[14:50] <@Application-1> how long did it took you to come up with this?
[14:51] <@Disci> ah
[14:51] <@Disci> long time
[14:51] <@Disci> maybe
[14:51] <@Disci> around 2 mins
[14:51] <@Application-1> i wonder how you googled those pics
[14:51] <@Application-1> fatty dives?
[14:51] <@Disci> haha
[14:51] <GReaper> he bookmarks
[14:51] <@Disci> uploading a track to my youtube channel
[14:52] <@Disci> was looking for backgound for it
[14:52] <@Disci> aka
[14:52] <@Disci> fat sounds :D


World Leader of The 21st Century
[23:49] <@SeymourGore> my farts, so explosive, hot and smelly :-(
[23:49] <+Jordan> just like my far... Oh
[23:50] <Astrum|Lap> hot...
[23:50] <Astrum|Lap> bet your wife likes it
[23:50] <Astrum|Lap> hold her head under the covers
[23:50] <+Jordan> dutch oven
[23:51] <@SeymourGore> no, she doesn't
[23:51] <@SeymourGore> she got mad at me and yelled at me tonight :-(
[23:52] <@SeymourGore> "Every room I go into smells like your shirt!"
[23:52] <@SeymourGore> i was so hurt and embarassed


Warrior of Linux
* lock445 (webchat@xxxx) has joined #legions
<lock445> wuts up
<lock445> i dont get it; if no one will talk on here; why are so many people logged in
<GReaper> it's IRC
<GReaper> we aren't all here every minute of the day to chat
<Fireblazto> ^
<lock445> so why are you logged in if you don't intend to use it
<Fireblazto> we do
<Fireblazto> he's just explained why
<Fireblazto> read
<ripperthedipper> theres no need to log out every moment you dont need it
<Jordan> Morning all o/
<Fireblazto> \o
<GReaper> lock445: why haven't you said anything for the past 2 minutes?!
<GReaper> WHY?!