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    Malaysian women beats up 8 month old baby.

    why is this spazzy vid so viral? its like kony2012 all over again, only more retarded and boring the woman got arrested years ago too
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    I dont like it Harry, why is it so tall ? all that empty space above text looks a bit weird
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    The Avengers

    well I did post a link to just watch it online but someone deleted it
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    who needs anti virus when you have malwarebytes
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    shes 16 and just married a 51 year old
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    what are you watching right now?

    highlander season 2
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    Favorite Movies

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    Project Glass just read a new article that seems pretty relevant here
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    Who is Going?

    yeah but its electronic music, there's no difference between live and not live lol, it's still just probably playing from CD, I guess quality of speakers is a difference but I have pretty good quality speakers on my PC so I'm not bothered lolz
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    Who is Going?

    I dont understand these things I mean what do you actually do? from what I can tell, you just stand in the middle of a very big, sweaty, noisy crowd- then you put you jump around, hold your arms up and scream a lot.. wtf how does that make sense to anyone? how could anyone enjoy this...
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    Currently Listening To...

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    DOTA 2 Beta!

    hook me up with key someone pls
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    Desktop Backgrounds

    you should learn to use linux and then use console to do everything keep that desktop but maybe get some more gadgets, all ur friends will tthink ur like a hacker
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    The Hunger Games

    I've seen a crap load of random little bits of the movie for Hunger Games and frankly they all look pretty epic Hunger games is nothing like twilight and is well deserving of its ratings because the books are epic tbh the twilight books were also pretty good, the movies might have been a...
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    Mass Effect 3

    havent bothered with any mass effects since the first one, seemed to me very similar to KOTOR but just.. worse didnt manage to get very far from boredom