Who are the best/decent players out there in the Legions community ? :D

Discussion in 'Competition' started by Omega_ZerG, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. I agree with the mouse speed.... and dangit it is van you are talking about here..... you have to explain every detail...

    The last I saw van he was fighting like a champion.

    Here is my list of people that I have the most fun going up against, by that I mean they give me trouble...I am sure there is more but this is off the top of my head.

    Nept, van, outlaw, floks, kryst, envy, shade, hades, mable, darklord, Riptack(not sure I spelled his name right...), Twisted, Fatelvis's daughters, and anybody else with a gun.

    On a side note: Void is looking very good right now. They are inspiring me with some nice teamwork every time I see them.
  2. ColoredSpades

    ColoredSpades Member

    I nominate anything that moves.
  3. Lepidopterist

    Lepidopterist Member

    Aww, thanks.
  4. OmniNept

    OmniNept Actionaut

    Van's always had potential, and it's good to see him realizing it. There's a ways to go yet, but with the mouse changes he'll be better prepared to progress.

    I should've noticed the mouse issue earlier, especially with his MechWarrior LL abilities approaching mine; surpassing them, even - at least with the jets. In vehicle-based games, there's often an absolute limit on turning speeds, rendering high mouse sensitivity superfluous. IIRC, Van had adjusted his settings in accordance with those limits (though he maxed flying sensitivity for improved turning).

    And yes, I like Void. The maturity of their core members rubs off on their recruits - something that benefits people like Phanakapan. I've seen significantly less pub whining from those vets recruited by Void. Their players also aren't the bouncing-between-groups, flavour-of-the-month type.
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  5. mario

    mario Member

    Where is GReaper? He is also very a good player!

    Omnis suck. Nept for sure I remember funny old times on IA when I was beating his ass with 130 ping as guest, couldn't stop cry.
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  6. OmniSketch

    OmniSketch New Member

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  7. OmniNept

    OmniNept Actionaut

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  8. Outlawl

    Outlawl Macabre

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  9. Metreon

    Metreon Member

    I like Void too. They're all chill and generally pretty good players, and they have Lanthus (whom I should also note, in addition to my prior comments, is a very versatile player, who duels very well for one best known as a sniper.)

    I do like a good number of the major clans here- though Void in particular is one that runs contrary to the long-standing clan stigma burned into my mind by nearly a decade of Mechwarrior and JKA. I have yet to run across a Void member I disli

    Haven't seen Greaper since IA. I also noticed that Style is pretty good in the D-snipe department and am so noting it here.

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  10. Synista

    Synista Member

    I'm sorry boys, but MariQo (mario) is one of the best fighters I've come across, EVER. I honestly wouldn't be suprised if he was beating you guys ;)
  11. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    Yarr, just another example of Eu smashing the Americans up.
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  12. Strife

    Strife Moderator

  13. Abandoned

    Abandoned Member

    There are too many players who are good at L:O to pick since most of the legions players are from IA, who waited all this time to get legions back, this kind of filtered out the differences between players.
  14. anak

    anak VIP

    there hasn't been serious competition in pub games since before you were born
  15. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    Obviously, but I'm talking about pickups and the days of IA when Eu's used to smash the american's up.
  16. Strife

    Strife Moderator

    Fireblasto, no one cares. You weren't even a part of IA comp. The people who were involved moved on a long time ago and so should you. Enough with the hackneyed Eu vs US crap.
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  17. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    Obviously, but I was just stating the fact. Sorry if I trod on some toes in the process.

    Moving on.
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  18. Outlawl

    Outlawl Macabre

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  19. Heartsong

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  20. Propkid

    Propkid Member

    I <3 Mariqo.
    And yes, he's silly good. The kind of 'this legions *chocolate cookie* is easy so ima go and quit it' good.
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