Omni needs your help!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by OmniNept, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. A2

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  2. MJ1284

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    Voted for justice. Do I get a cookie now?
  3. h2odragon

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    Voted because it's a girl with nice designs ^^
  4. Alex

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    all ex-actionauts have my vote in everything
  5. w00tyou

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  6. 57thRomance

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    I'm guessing I'm supposed to press the orange arrow pointing down to vote...
    EDIT: Voted. Sketch will annihilate the competition. She's got international friends ;)
  7. Shisk

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    Voted but it could some background music :p
  8. SillyG0000se

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  9. devils fist

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  10. 57thEnryu

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    voted again
  11. Redvan

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  12. Serket

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    Nice designs, hope she wins.
    Voted too.
  13. Hypnotoad

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    Voted to lend a hand.. Liking the designs.

    Doesn't really seem a good way to determine who comes out on top though. I mean.. anyone can use a proxy, assuming the limit to one vote per day is based on an IP address. Ridiculous.
  14. Kryst

    Kryst Private Tester

    I voted for seymour, err Sketch I mean.
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  15. Esuke-L

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    Voted, Loved the designs.

    Need more people to vote though, lead person's got too many..Former Actionauts! UNITE!!!

    Very flawed way of deciding though I must say..

    Ah, A great song from an extremely manly game *flex & grunt*
  16. OmniFilt3r

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    Yes, the server tracks the votes by IP address. Keep in mind though their goal was to teach / try to encourage their new graduates to get their work seen by as many people as possible. Also the class size was small and so became friendly, so the likely hood that they cheat is lower...

    That being said, the competition moderators already removed a lot of votes that were deemed fraudulent. Just goes to show how prize money can turn friends into monsters...
  17. Mots0311

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    My French is a bit rusty but I think I je voted.
  18. Heartsong

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    On peut dire que tu as voté
  19. Jordahan

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    "Je" is I
  20. stefygraff

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    from 229 to 300 its great! remember guys:
    so go go go!