Omni needs your help!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by OmniNept, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Vinzyboy23

    Vinzyboy23 Member

    can't stop voting.
  2. havocblitz

    havocblitz Member

    Always voting her :D
  3. NightHawk043

    NightHawk043 Member

    Voted twice so far
  4. LindN

    LindN Member

    voted for the fourth time <3
  5. OmniSketch

    OmniSketch New Member

    Thank you so very, very much.

    No matter what the results of this contest may be, I do truly appreciate all the kind words and support everyone has been throwing my way.
  6. havocblitz

    havocblitz Member

    I have voted again :D
    I really loved your project its look so awesome.
    nice work...
  7. BeerBuzz805

    BeerBuzz805 New Member

    Very nice work; especially the squid cultist, really liked the detail on that one.
  8. LunarSolstice

    LunarSolstice Member

    Jumped on the bandwagon and voted.
  9. havocblitz

    havocblitz Member

    She still in top 4 and i voted again :D
  10. Shisk

    Shisk Member

    But place 4 gets nothing, if I am not mistaken :S

    And this boring stick man is place one with some PoP jumps -_-
  11. Disci

    Disci Old man

    Atleast she gets noted for being 4th in the competition. It's not about the winning the competition only. :)

  12. Unknown

    Unknown Private Tester

    It's always about winning. :p
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  13. Siantlark

    Siantlark Member

    We MUST Win! We can't get cake if we don't win!

    Hey Sketch? Is cake the prize?
  14. Badpox

    Badpox Private Tester

    Very nice ;)

  15. OmniSketch

    OmniSketch New Member

    No - it's a lie; however, you can certainly buy a lot of cake for 1000$

    Once again, I appreciate all the support I've been getting - I don't expect to win anything from this but it's always heartwarming to see people enjoy your work.
  16. Siantlark

    Siantlark Member



    Anyways good luck.
  17. GundamExia00

    GundamExia00 Member

    Sketchiieee :D draws.
    How ironic, her artwork is amazzzzzzzzing.
    she definetely got my vote.
  18. You deserve First place! :VOTED:
  19. Vinzyboy23

    Vinzyboy23 Member

    The cake is STILL a lie, but anyways, third vote for me *click*

    She must beat the third.... It's score: OVER 900! (1668 pts)
  20. Esuke-L

    Esuke-L Member

    Everyone needs to vote more, make the vote link a bookmark or something, L:O Community effort! Where's seymour, he's our manager or something, *calls out to seymour to raise sketche's score with his seymourness*

    its kinda annoying lookin at the scores of the top 3..they're all bunched together..huge families I bet..