Omni needs your help!

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    As you may've garnered from the title, Omni – more specifically, OmniSketch – needs your help. For the past couple years, OmniSketch has been attending the National Center of Animation and Design @ Montreal. She's done very well and has been entered into their end-of-year competition; unfortunately, the competition is based not on artistic ability, but on public exposure.

    The following link contains her character artist demo reel/voting page. The competition is a simple popularity contest: whoever gathers the most votes by December 22nd, wins. Each person (read, ip address) may vote once per day, for each day of the competition. We ask that whenever you pop by the forums, that you click on the link and vote. The competition, while not crucial to her success, could go a long way toward helping her along her career.

    As an aside, Sketch has been commissioned to create a nude portrait of SeymourGore. Should she fail to do well in this competition, this work may be publicly released.

    P. S. SeymourGore is a handsome bear.
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  2. DeadGuy

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    nice work, voted for justice
  3. Voltz

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    Ok, I voted for OmniSketch. :)
  4. havocblitz

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    ok i will vote for her -sketch :D
    her real name :Emma Roy
  5. Jordahan

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    je voted
  6. Redvan

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  7. Freeman

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    Looks like shes a good 800 votes behind from first.

    None the less, good luck.
  8. anak

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    it stops buffering about 3/8's through.. upset
  9. SeymourGore

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    I should've bargained to have Sketch do a nude 3d model of Seymour.

    With that said, her designs are quite nice! I like the squid-like humanoid.
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  10. discord

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    Remember that your web capable phones will not have the same ip as your computer. With that said, I voted. Now quit trolling my irc nept.
  11. stefygraff

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    We need more people! she got only 229! Facebook time!
  12. havocblitz

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    Who is leading??
    and how much is his/her total?
  13. 57thEnryu

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    No, we don't need that. Maybe you could get her to do one for your wife's Christmas pres :D

    With that said, I'll vote right now.......going......its, nice models. Got my vote
  14. IzSid

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    Voted, Good Luck Sketch! 4th Place, We can do better!
  15. Karnage

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  17. moronval

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    omg a girl n_n
  18. St3lth

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  19. nice models, she got my vote
  20. Vinzyboy23

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    Hmmm..... I think she would be good if she designs Legions' characthers dont'cha think.