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  1. WildFire

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    08:29:18 Wildefyr | Fixious: y u heff to be mean
    08:29:27 @Fixious | wut
    08:29:53 Wildefyr | to project z
    08:29:58 @Fixious | lol
    08:30:01 @Fixious | im being realistic
    08:30:09 Wildefyr | NO ONE WILL EVER PLAY IT
    08:30:12 @Fixious | i am sry if this offends you
    08:30:15 Wildefyr | geez
    08:30:45 Wildefyr | not really
    08:31:30 @Fixious | i just look at current indie/gerenlight/kickstarter fps' and see how they do.  and it ain't all that pretty, number-wise
    08:31:45 Wildefyr | oh I agree
    08:32:08 Wildefyr | but all it takes nowadays is one video to go viral
    08:32:09 @Fixious | and Z is catering to a niche playerbase, which is even worse
    08:32:18 Wildefyr | ye
    08:32:19 @Fixious | eh.  i think it'll need a lot more than that
    08:32:34 @Fixious | even when TB covers a game it only see a spike for a week or so i think
    08:33:01 Wildefyr | but how many communities make the most of that spike?
    08:33:09 @Fixious | plus he's really bad at games and would just make it look 10x harder than it really is
    08:33:15 Wildefyr | sure its niche but its also unique
    08:33:20 Wildefyr | ye in TB's case
    08:35:02 @Fixious | even if it does appeal to a decent amount of people, they'll then just have to deal with tribes/legions players.
    08:35:03 @Fixious | gg
    08:35:25 Wildefyr | mhm
    08:36:17 @Fixious | idk.  we'll see.  bugs played it smart (or so we'll see) by waiting till they have actual content to show for the eventual KS, instead of concept art and ideas pitched
                      | to us
    08:36:38 Wildefyr | well
    08:36:43 Wildefyr | Bugs knows what to do
    08:36:45 Wildefyr | I believe
    08:37:36 @Fixious | and not being tied down by IAC helps a ton
    08:37:44 Wildefyr | !
    08:40:07 @Fixious | they just need defender and they'll be gold
  2. Ucantry2run

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  3. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    <19:07:02> "Xzanth": wtf r ur specs
    <19:07:06> "thecaptaintea": 0
    <19:07:12> "Xzanth": tell me u fk
    <19:07:12> "Fixious": more than mine
    <19:07:17> "thecaptaintea": i doubt it
    <19:08:18> "thecaptaintea": copying them
    <19:08:30> "Fixious": no
    <19:08:33> "Fixious": dont give xz the pleasure
    <19:08:41> "thecaptaintea": lol
    <19:09:43> "Xzanth": how long it take
    <19:09:45> "Xzanth": jeez
    <19:09:49> "thecaptaintea": days
    <19:09:56> "thecaptaintea": file:///C:/Riot%20Games/System%20Specs/DxDiag.txt
    <19:09:59> "thecaptaintea": ..
    <19:10:01> "Xzanth": u
    <19:10:01> "Xzanth": r
    <19:10:03> "Xzanth": quite
    <19:10:06> "Xzanth": special
    <19:10:35> "Fixious": could try the ts3 upload thing
    <19:10:38> "Fixious": never have used it
    <19:10:45> "thecaptaintea": steam is easier
    <19:10:49> "Xzanth": he *dancing* steam chats me
    <19:10:50> "Xzanth": holy *chocolate cookies*
    <19:10:55> "Xzanth": "23:10 - thecaptaintea: file:///C:/Riot%20Games/System%20Specs/DxDiag.txt"
    <19:11:02> "Xzanth": 10 / *dancing* 10
    <19:11:11> "thecaptaintea": what is wrong with that
    <19:11:23> "Xzanth": m8
    <19:11:26> "Xzanth": you
    <19:11:28> "Xzanth": have
    <19:11:28> "Xzanth": just
    <19:11:31> "Xzanth": sent the letters
    <19:11:32> "Xzanth": f
    <19:11:33> "Xzanth": i
    <19:11:33> "Xzanth": l
    <19:11:34> "Xzanth": e
    <19:11:35> "Xzanth": :
    <19:11:36> "Xzanth": /
    <19:11:37> "Xzanth": /
    <19:11:37> "Xzanth": /
    <19:11:39> "Xzanth": C
    <19:11:40> "Xzanth": :
    <19:11:41> "Xzanth": /
    <19:11:43> "Xzanth": R
    <19:11:43> "Xzanth": i
    <19:11:44> "Xzanth": o
    <19:11:45> "Xzanth": t
    <19:11:47> "Xzanth": ... etc
    <19:11:48> "thecaptaintea": is that not what is needed
    <19:11:52> "Fixious": cant even tell......
    <19:11:56> "Xzanth": ARE THEY YOUR SPECS
    <19:11:58> "Xzanth": ???!
    <19:12:04> "thecaptaintea": yeah
    <19:12:11> "thecaptaintea": paste them into browser
    <19:12:14> "Xzanth": ..............
    <19:12:18> "Xzanth": you think that is a link
    <19:12:22> "thecaptaintea": it works forme
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    i cannot accept this as true
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  5. Jordahan

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    Not IRC, but classic fixi.
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  6. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    You da man GReaper, you da man.

       darkpiece | hey fixos                                                             
       darkpiece | am i still banned from r/tribe                                         
            Nash | good                                                                   
    @SeymourGore | fixious is a stern, but fair man - you must've really                 
                 | gotten him mad to ban you                                             
         @Gheist | wasnt him                                                             
         @Gheist | or so he says ,)                                                       
       darkpiece |           
                 | has_been_greenlit/                                               
       darkpiece | its comical cus other ppl posted comments and not only       
                 | were they not banned                                               
       darkpiece | but they were upvoted                                       
       darkpiece | and they had the same intent as my post
       darkpiece | that ta is going to die soon
       darkpiece | etc
       darkpiece | and nash, u r literally a fat slob who spends a                       
                 | majority of their day playing form janitor on tribalwar           
                 | and posting anti jewish / nazi propaganda on message             
                 | boards                                                       
            Nash | maybe its not what you say but how you say it?                         
       darkpiece | get a job                                                             
            Nash | since youre a huge *lovely lady* and all :)                                     
       darkpiece | says the modern day nazi                                               
       darkpiece | literal nazi                                                           
    @SeymourGore | i never knew that hirez guy posted in there                           
       darkpiece | complains about jews online                                       
       darkpiece | every day                                                       
       darkpiece | get a grip                                                             
            Nash | not every day                                                     
       darkpiece | i mean i live in stl and multiple times a week am               
                 | around thug blacks                                           
       darkpiece | u do not see me spending countless hours spewing racist           
                 | *chocolate cookies*                                                       
       darkpiece | online                                                       
       darkpiece | get a grip                                                         
       darkpiece | grow up and deal w it                                           
            Nash | exactly                                                       
            Nash | you got banned for talking *chocolate cookies*                                   
            Nash | grow up and deal with it                                   
       darkpiece | i just want 2 be able to talk about tribe and not be
                 | censored
       darkpiece | i didnt talk *chocolate cookies*                                                     
       darkpiece | i completed hirezsean                                                 
            Nash | then dont be a *lovely lady*                                                   
       darkpiece | saying it was noble to slave                                           
            Nash | problem solved                                                         
       darkpiece | for the suits at hirez                                             
       darkpiece | and their terrible ideas                                         
                 | Mode #midair [+b                                             
                 | *!*darkpiece@*] by GReaper               
                 | GReaper has kicked darkpiece (GReaper)                     
    @SeymourGore | I knew you don't sleep!
            Nash | youre surpressing free speech, GReaper
            Nash | how dare you
        @GReaper | 02:25 <darkpiece> *garsh* u i m king
        @GReaper | 02:26 <GReaper> king of the potato people?
            Nash | :D
               * | GReaper uses Mr Flibble hex vision
    @SeymourGore | 'king of the potato people' is probably the best insult
                 | i've seen GReaper use yet
  7. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

    Nash is a bit of a *Fancy Lad*, i remember way back when he told me he had cancer. I wished him a slow and horrible death. Apparently being a *chicken kisser* is the cure to cancer.

    ohh goodie, *chicken kisser* censor = chicken kisser
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  8. Sin

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    <18:55:42> "TylerMarket": i had one good play and it was on accident
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