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  1. snapplefish

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    This one's always been a classic; post gems from IRC here.
  2. snapplefish

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  3. RedInk

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    <OmniVan> I remember killing you a lot.
  4. Gheist

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  5. Dimitryy

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    <boyzdef> intel pentium dual core
    <boyzdef> and 1 ram 2 gb
    <boyzdef> i install it myself first i dunno what to do i just open the box
    <Dimitryy> haha
    <boyzdef> put the mobo inside the chasis
    <boyzdef> screw
    <boyzdef> or w/e
    <boyzdef> put intel and its fan
    <Dimitryy> case
    <boyzdef> put ram and graphic
    <Dimitryy> and no PUD?
    <Dimitryy> power unit device?
    <Dimitryy> thats the first you should do
    <boyzdef> no
    <boyzdef> yes
    <Dimitryy> yes
    <boyzdef> i chg to my another pc
    <boyzdef> i mix all the stuff
    <Dimitryy> haha
    <boyzdef> i push the power button
    <boyzdef> then
    <Dimitryy> really?
    <boyzdef> i see the hdd ligh
    <Dimitryy> it was working?
    <boyzdef> power light
    <Dimitryy> you lucky noob
    <boyzdef> yeah and im using it now
    <boyzdef> yea
    <Dimitryy> you could destry everything
    <boyzdef> i am
    <boyzdef> lol yes
    <Dimitryy> if you dont know what to do
    <boyzdef> really man
    <boyzdef> that was my last hope
    <Dimitryy> haha
    <boyzdef> to play games
    <boyzdef> u know that ?
    <Dimitryy> hahahahaha
    <Dimitryy> addicted
    <boyzdef> i love my pc
    <Dimitryy> ...
    <boyzdef> haha
    <boyzdef> i am
    <boyzdef> lol
    <Dimitryy> just hope that its working
    <Dimitryy> :D
    <Dimitryy> ahahhahahahaa
    <Dimitryy> lololololololol
    <Dimitryy> omg
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  6. Redvan

    Redvan Private Tester

    <OmniNept> like the back higher than the front so I can fingertip it

    From !stats:

    "These pairs have a language all to themselves: OmniNept and Mabel "snooker"(4), "lighter"(3), "giggling"(4), "bouncing"(4)"
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  7. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

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  8. UtadaHikaru

    UtadaHikaru Member

    [19:57] <samwhaley91> whos english here
    [19:57] <UtadaHikaru> i speak english
    [19:57] <RedInk> ^no
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  9. Strife

    Strife Moderator

    [00:27:03] <Redvan> but now they had this big ass thing you stick in your mouth
    [00:27:08] <Redvan> that has a pole sticking out of it
    [00:27:14] <Redvan> and the thing fills your mouth
    [00:27:51] <Redvan> but it sucked
    [00:27:57] <Redvan> felt like i was gagging for a half hour
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  10. A2

    A2 Member

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  11. stefygraff

    stefygraff Private Tester

    [14:20] == the-champ [] has joined #legions
    [14:20] == the-champ was kicked from #legions by Frip [Banned: the champ - quit your "dancing" spamming]
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  12. 57thEnryu

    57thEnryu Member

    Just now:
    [23:20] <WARGARBL> so yeah i has all this gigs of tribes porn and no key to play it cuz the polish site has no more keys i need halpness
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  13. MJ1284

    MJ1284 Member

    I'll cut out some parts to shorten this wall of text:

    [22:00] <jojo88> reaper
    [22:00] <jojo88> i think u guys shud make utube vid
    [22:00] <jojo88> like of wat u got so far
    [22:00] * llmegatronll (webchat) has joined #legions
    [22:01] <@Mabel> i think
    [22:01] <@Mabel> you should learn how to spell
    [22:01] * llmegatronll (webchat) has left #legions
    [22:01] <@Mabel> and then make a video of wHat YOU have so far
    [22:01] <jojo88> i know how to spell i just could not be bothred
    [22:01] <jojo88> and i think your not mature enough to be a admin
    [22:02] <[57th]Romance> not a good thing to say bud
    [22:02] <ripperthedipper> lol
    [22:02] <@Mabel> :eek:
    [22:02] <jojo88> tbh
    [22:02] <jojo88> i dont care i not gonna get pushed around
    [22:02] <jojo88> and be scared jus cz he admin
    [22:02] <@Mabel> i’m not just an admin
    [22:02] <[57th]Romance> He may not be mature but he's got the coding skills and the influence to be a developer
    [22:02] <@Mabel> i’m the lead programmer :p


    [22:03] <jojo88> o lucky you well programer then
    [22:03] <@Mabel> wat
    [22:03] <ripperthedipper> spelling ftw?
    [22:03] <jojo88> ripper u wud knw tht how exsacly
    [22:03] <[57th]Romance> I don't even.
    [22:03] <@Mabel> omigawd
    [22:03] <Application-1> meh now he is doing it on purpose
    [22:03] <@Mabel> i’m not the programmer by luck
    [22:03] <ripperthedipper> lmao
    [22:04] <jojo88> lol mabel why would you get angry because i asked you to make a video
    [22:04] <@Mabel> angry is a strong word
    [22:05] <@Mabel> for the state i feel when facepalming
    [22:06] * jojo88 (webchat) Quit (Signed off)
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  14. DarkDanny

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    Team Speak 3 Quote

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  15. stefygraff

    stefygraff Private Tester

  16. MJ1284

    MJ1284 Member

    [23:31] <@BugsPray> if anyone wants to be updated live as to when legions is coming out
    [23:31] <@BugsPray> you can type !countdown
    [23:31] <A2D2> orly?!
    [23:31] <WaT_> !countdown
    [23:31] <fissurez7> !countdown
    [23:31] <fissurez7> lol
    [23:32] <WaT_> winner
    [23:32] <fissurez7> !countdown
    [23:32] <fissurez7> funzies!
    [23:32] <Application-1> !countdown
    [23:32] <Chi-Ro> !countdown
    [23:32] <fissurez7> !countdown
    [23:32] <A2D2> !countdown
    [23:32] <Velololol> !countdown
    [23:33] <@Zhou> you should make every umpteenth !countdown randomly ban though
    [23:33] <@Zhou> just for extra funsies
    [23:33] <fissurez7> touche
    [23:33] <@Zhou> everything is better with random bans.
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  17. Velocity

    Velocity Member

    [16:03] <jbond> hi ive registered for an account w legions overdrive but never got email
    [16:04] <jbond> does anyone know if its automatic
    [16:04] <the-champ> dey send me mail after register
    [16:04] <Darklord> your spam filter may have caught it
    [16:04] <jbond> i was able to create forums account
    [16:04] <jbond> now it tells me account exists
    [16:04] <Darklord> forum account isn't the same thing as game account
    [16:07] <@GReaper> MR BOND
    [16:07] <@GReaper> i have deleted your account
    [16:07] <@GReaper> because you can't type GMAIL.COM correctly
    [16:07] <DeadPixel> Lul.
    [16:07] <@GReaper> you used instead of
    [16:08] * RockeyRex facepalms
    [16:08] <jbond> joy i'm in
    [16:08] <jbond> ;)
  18. Vox

    Vox Member

  19. Velocity

    Velocity Member

    <nightsniper> the IA engine was perfect
  20. MJ1284

    MJ1284 Member

    [16:24] * poopstamper (webchat@xxxxxxxxxx) has joined #legions
    [16:24] <poopstamper> hello
    [16:25] <poopstamper> is sniping the enemy guards allowed?
    [16:26] <poopstamper> anyone?
    [16:27] <poopstamper> hello?
    [16:27] * poopstamper (webchat@xxxxxxxxxx) Quit (Signed off)
    [16:31] <Fireblasto> meh
    [16:31] <Fireblasto> I hate going into a game when playing sniper, either some newbies copy you, or you get branded as a o-sniper
    [16:51] <@Evil-Twat> I just hate going into a game
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