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  1. WildFire

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    [22:52:50] <SeymourGore> i'm moving to #spek, the new official channel for spektrum
    [22:52:57] »» Now talking on #spek
    [22:52:58] »» SeymourGore has changed the topic to: Dabbleh stinks
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  2. WildFire

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    [20:33:17] ---» DUSTIN1991 (DUSTIN1991@ has Joined
    [20:34:22] <DUSTIN1991> hello m gay 21 fem
    [20:35:47] <DUSTIN1991> anyone wanna whisper
    [20:35:56] <Xzanth> huh
    [20:37:11] <DUSTIN1991> zanth nothing whatever forget it
    [20:37:57] «--- DUSTIN1991 (DUSTIN1991@ has Quit (Quit: Leaving)
  3. <21:21:15> "Fire": i got better things 2 do
    <21:21:17> "Fire": movies 2 watch
    <21:21:41> "Panic": LOL
    <21:21:47> "Panic": which ones
    <21:21:50> "Panic": lets pick soe :D
    <21:22:10> "Fire": silver linings playbook right now
    <21:22:15> "Fire": romantic comedy u prob wouldnt like
    <21:22:16> "Panic": omg
    <21:22:20> "Panic": ive already seen it
    <21:22:24> "Fire": LOL
    <21:22:25> "Fire": i forgot
    <21:22:26> "Panic": it wasnt liket he book at all
    <21:22:27> "Fire": u love the notebook
    <21:22:33> "Panic": I WATCHED IT WITH MY GRANDMA
    <21:22:35> "Panic": SHE MADE ME STOP

    Shaska likes The Notebook
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  4. 57thRomance

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    Lol my gf loves The Notebook, and she's been begging me to let her watch it with me this summer.
  5. Well, it's up to you. Man card or no man card.
  6. Jordahan

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    It really is not a good movie.

    I ruined it for Shaska a while back when he was trolling a pub. #goodtimes
  7. 57thRomance

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    Lawl I expect it to be a terrible movie; regardless, she's my baby and I love her, so what else could I do?

    To settle the score, though, I'm seeing The Hangover 3 with my bros this Sunday. #brofist
  8. Voltage

    Voltage Puzzlemaster

    <SeymourGore> are you in vegas, astrum?
    <SeymourGore> my wife's there with her friend, go there and seduce her
    <Astrum|Lap> that's creepy
    <SeymourGore> i'm just a little upset w her, she left on this trip and left me $80 in the account...
    <SeymourGore> which wouldn't be too bad... but there's no groceries in this house!
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  9. Jordahan

    Jordahan World Leader of The 21st Century

    [13:39] <@SeymourGore> until i realized she left without getting groceries
    [13:39] <@Jordan> oh god
    [13:39] <Astrum|Lap> to be fair, this is the wrong time to be in vegas
    [13:39] <@SeymourGore> now, as the kids say, the *chocolate cookies* has gotten real
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  10. Dabbleh

    Dabbleh Legions Developer

    Why doesn't SeymourGore quit his day job and become a comedian?
  11. loc

    loc #1 Private Tester

    Because his day job consists of napping!!|
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  12. WildFire

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    And complaining about how the wife left him no food.
  13. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    [13:03:25] <@SeymourGore> g'morning GReaper!
    [13:03:32] <@GReaper> afternoon mr gore!
    [13:03:44] <@GReaper> another glorious day... for people who don't suffer from hayfever
    [13:03:48] <@GReaper> (bastards)
    [13:10:56] <@SeymourGore> yar, i imagine it's hard to maintain a cold, steely exterior while having a runny nose
  14. Dabbleh

    Dabbleh Legions Developer

    <Txb> Xzanth hi
    <Xzanth> hi
    <Txb> xzanth can you tell in which programmation language rokkit is programmed?
    <kasityolainen> visual basic
    <Xzanth> it is using the UDK engine
    <kasityolainen> legions uses turbo pascal
    <Xzanth> and so (I think) would use unrealscript
    <Txb> thanks guys :D
    <Txb> i'll search more about this languages :D
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  15. Jordahan

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    [08:10] <pure_> wth is wrong with the uk servers
    [08:10] <pure_> where is xzanth when you need him
    [08:13] <Astrum|Lap> he's busy having sex with men
    [08:15] <pure_> well atleast it's a good excuse
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  16. Krakyn

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  17. Fixious

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  18. Fire: no listen this is what happen
    Fire: im not making this up
    shaska: ok ok
    Fire: i came out tha bathroom and looked across the sea of slot machines
    Fire: but one of them was looking back at me
    shaska: rofl
    Fire: so i walked 100 yards to this bad boy
    Fire: it was called "5 Dragons"
    Fire: i put in 20 bucks and started playing
    Fire: this *chocolate cookies* was complicated and i had no idea what was going on
    Fire: then an old chinese woman walked up to me
    Fire: she started to tell me what to do and i hit big and went up to $230
    Fire: so $210 profit
    Fire: then i cashed out, gave her a hug and she disappeared
    Fire: tried to find her again later that night, nowhere
    Fire: i think she was an ancient chinese ancestor of mine
    Fire: a ghost
    Fire: helping me out
    shaska: LOL
    Fire: 4eal dude dont laugh at my ancestors
    Fire: she won me mad guap

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  19. Krakyn

    Krakyn Member

    shaska: im so *dancing* annoyed
    shaska: theres this kid who has aspergers
    shaska: and he keeps texting my friend
    shaska: he goes to our school
    shaska: and throughout the whole summer
    shaska: he texted him non stop
    shaska: he asked him *chocolate cookies* like
    shaska: CAN WE HANG OUT
    shaska: and im just so *dancing* annoyed


    shaska texting the "asperger kid":

    shaska: he told mehe never wants to hangout with you

    weird kid: yah,but he said hed think anout giving me another chance

    shaska: we have all of your textsabout you asking himto take a picture of him shirtlessthat's really weird dude

    weird kid:
    know i dont know why i said that, i just wanted motivation for workingout
  20. Jordahan

    Jordahan World Leader of The 21st Century

    Yeah right, like Shaska wasn't the aspie.