LODC 1.0 Release


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Some issue I've run into:

Selecting a bookmark before your current time crashes the demo. Was working before public release.
Leaving a demo after using LODC and attempting to either start it again or a different demo crashes the client.
It still feels like the camera is slightly ahead of where it should be after 'go to active move'.


test bester
Bad quality cause LODC was acting up:

Jagged movement and dropped to 30 fps sometimes. Could have filmed it way better but LODC did not let me cause of the issues and the clip is 30 seconds longer but then it got increadibly bad.


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So then why bother posting it?

Also @Poponfu, how is v.2 coming along?

I have been so busy with school. I am going to try to get what I can done for it tomorrow evening/night. Will start with users being able to get the UI exactly how you want it and then work on seeing if I can find anything for stability around 'rewinding'.
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I have been so busy with prison