Gorge Launches, Core Returns

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You changed it from beautiful grass to mud?



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Shut up you dont live in a hose with 3 people using the internet in the same time ¬¬
I dont live in the perfect world in USA, here the the internet is super expensive and sucks...
my internet doesnt suck or isnt THAT expensive but i get you there.some people think they have all the good stuff huh like their perfect or some s


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The map looks awesome, as do the bases... but the hills are pretty rough and feels like quarry and forgotten put together.


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i connected to either gorge/core and suddenly got dc. You don't wanna know how i feel..

dc as in the protruding part of your body?

I played on Gorge this morning for about 5 minutes and on core for another 10. It was pretty awesome, especially since I reached speeds over 250 :)
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