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In order to eliminate the vast majority of threads that are stickied we are going to be making and updating a list of all the posts needed when modifying Legions! You will find them all with a brief description below.

Mod Generalization - Dabbleh has started development on a system that will hopefully mean that Mod-Makers can upload their mods to his server and Mod-Users can have them downloaded/updated and installed all with a click of a few buttons.

L:O for Linux and Mac - Robbz has conveniently collaborated with the PlayOnLinux Devs, and Legions is now officially supported on their Linux and Mac clients!

Guide to installing modifications - ColoredSpades' guide for installing mods (reticles, maps, HUDs, etc). Might become irrelevant once Dabbleh finishes his project, but for the time being it's still useful.

Legions Lite Guide - Legions Lite is a project aimed at squeezing as many frames per second possible out of Legions. If you have issues with the download link provided in the thread, please resort to the manual tweaking guide here.

How to mod skins - =THE_TROOPER= provides a tutorial on modding player and weapon skins.

RockeyRex's Script Depot - A collection of scripts RockeyRex has created.

[Guide] How to set up a dedicated server - Xzanth's guide to running a Legions dedicated server using Debian 7 x32.

Running dedicated servers - RockeyRex's guide for running your own Legions: Overdrive dedicated server.

DTS tutorial/process - Poponfu's guide for working with custom DTS models.

Using mods with the Legions patcher - GReaper's guide for working with mods and the patcher.
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