A2's Trailer concept


i like it, it show the movement and the different mapdesign and you see what its about if you enver played legions before
but i dont think that legions has a large number of maps and classes compared to other games like tribes or any ego-shooter


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but i dont think that legions has a large number of maps and classes compared to other games like tribes or any ego-shooter

Politicians lie all the time to get votes! This is an innocent lie that may bring up more players to the game!
The trailer is rock-solid! its very good, action combined with the footage is very tasty! Happy that its been done by a good fellow like A2!



Nice one!

I might have displayed little more flag pass/teamplay aspects of the game (but that's kinda tough due to lack of material), only real flaw I'd want to point out is TROOPER's footage...
While it shows some much needed Sentinel playstyle it's little too heavily edited to use casually. TROOPER edited those effects to match his video, and his video alone, using it on trailer might just confuse people (and invoke epilepsy).
On the other hand I loved the color enhancing you had/seemingly had on Zenith & Frostbyte flyovers (After Effects?), you should keep them like that.

As a general advice, if you want to use effects in a video, make sure you don't go overboard and that effects "make sense" & are consistent (ie. don't use many type of transitions, pick one or two and stick with them... just like you did). I'm not too fond of the song, but as we've seen before in these forums you can't pick a song that everybody likes :)

My 2 cents.


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Ooh, and a new competitor enters the ring! This should be a rather handy competition to watch, so long as it's kept friendly. =)

A2, you've done a superlative job. The video's well paced, well populated with a variety of shots, has some solid titles, and is backed up with a great musical selection. An excellent concept, right off the bat.

Of course, since you've delivered something so darned solid, I've got to get all nitpicky. Forgive me! I'm an obnoxious pedant. Here're my twin pennies:
  • The first ten seconds are very nearly gold, but I found myself wishing for tighter transitions. There's simply too much time being devoted to the unfocus/refocus effect, and while it's synced well with the music, it feels like the effects should accentuate each of those solid guitar chords (forgive me, I'm not a musician), rather than lay atop them.
  • The third-person wraparound shot from 0:25 - 0:31 is a beauty, but on repeated viewings I found it just slightly too long, detracting from the first-person action. Likewise, the first-person flag grab shot that runs immediately afterward is excellent, but again, very slightly on the long side. I'd be curious to see how matching the two against each-other split screen would work -- I'm inclined to think that since both are fairly simple, straightforward shots, they could complement each other, and if the need arise, you could cut to the actual flag grab right before it happens, to accentuate the retrieval. But both shots are great, and could stand on their own regardless.
  • Word choice on the titles is a little awkward. "Get ready for some high velocity FPS action" is fine, if a little playful, but it's a full sentence. Then you have "Large number of maps and classes," which is a fragment. Fragments aren't a problem -- this ain't a term paper -- but the inconsistency can be jarring. Go one way or the other:
    1. "Get ready for some high velocity FPS action," "featuring a large number of maps and classes," (thusly creating a full sentence that's simply broken in two) or
    2. "High Velocity FPS Action," "a large number of maps and classes"
  • Speaking of the "Large number of maps and classes" title, it's a little... basic. It doesn't say very much, and it's a bit misleading to boot, since there AREN'T a large number of maps compared to other FPS titles, and there are only three classes (specialists are getting the boot, if I'm not mistaken, in favor of more diverse weapons). Perhaps a better phrase would be "Class-based aerial combat," or "Featuring all-new weapons and maps" (the latter, of course, being appropriate only AFTER that new content is in-game).
  • Is it fair to presume that you plan to add more shots after the "Large number of maps and classes" title, of more maps and environments, once you can actually record content? Because the shots themselves are great, but they're a bit on the long side and there's only two of them. You could fill the same amount of time and stay synced to the music, but give viewers more and keep the pacing nice and tight.
  • Finally, those closing shots are just BEGGING to be so much quicker and flashier next to that musical crescendo. You've already shown great MAs and flag tossing earlier in the trailer -- using those final moments to show hyper-quick variety shots, synched with every guitar riff, gives the impression to the viewer that "There's more to be seen than what we could fit into the trailer... come play it and see!"
But, all those things aside, it's really a phenomenal concept. You should be seriously proud, bud.

Oh, and I don't think I've mentioned it anywhere yet... I LOVE "Ready. Set. OVERDRIVE." I'm not sure why, but I do. It's an epic tagline.

- Daph


Yay suggestions and feedbacks!
@MJ: I tried not overloading it with the effects. Of course it might have not turned out that well, but I'll try to keep this in mind the next time I make another concept. I'm not a fan of too many transitions as well. Sticked to flash and smooth-in/out.

@Daph: You always give some awesome points to remember. Thank you.
  • Word choice on the titles is a little awkward.
I know! I'm horrible at making sentences. :eek: Next time, I'll ask someone. :-D

it's a bit misleading to boot
Expected it to be some of of teaser. :3

I'll keep all your points in mind. Thanks a bunch. I'm new to this and I need time. :S
Oh and Ready. Set. OVERDRIVE. just came to my mind. Was anyone using this before I thought of it? :S
Thanks anyways.


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Pro song.
Pro footage.
But just one point, I dis-like the inverted colours on some of the clips. I think it would look best without that. Just some CnC. :)


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Not sure if you have the footage to do this, but i think it would be awesome if the trailer could end with you approaching a flag(in first person) and have that morph into the static logo that is already at the end of the video. I think it would fit since the flag has that same circle thing around it as the sword does in the legions logo.


I like how the video ended with the faint sound of overdrive boost. Keep the music, get more quality footage, and you'll have an intriguing trailer.

P.S. - I smirked, when I saw "Large number of Maps and Classes".


*Watching*"Large number of maps and classes"*laughing**watching*

This gets my seal of approval



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Love this trailer. I feel like music is such an important factor in these short trailers, and the music in this was well done.

For the bit on large number of classes and maps, would be cool to get a shot of a few classes all standing next to eachother and pan by them, showing that different classes look physically different.