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    DYNASTY 1.0! Legions: Overdrive Movie

    Its the normal explosion with editing. Whoa! Cool :D
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    DYNASTY 1.0! Legions: Overdrive Movie

    There you go. Remember to Like and Subscribe :D
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    hi :D

    hi :D
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    Legions Overdrive Trailer?

    Umh, so im going to edit the whole *chocolate cookies*? :D Whoaah, that is a hell of a work. I guess i dont have the motivation to edit almost anything. I mean, i love to edit, but now... im getting some skills now on editing, so that means more work. o.O More edit --> More work :D
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    Global community movie

    GO Bins! GO Bins!
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    Legions Overdrive Trailer?

    Maybe I should join this movie. Only problem is that im working on my next legions movie, so i have to decide between my video and yours. :D But umm... How do i send the footage? (if im joinin'?)
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    ITS HERE!!! Dynasty 1.0 Trailer!!

    You got it. :) Well you will enjoy MA's in the full movie, because you will see how epic those MA's are. (Hopefully) :D
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    ITS HERE!!! Dynasty 1.0 Trailer!!

    Idk yet. It depends how much frags im gonna get :D. I guess it will be 5-7 min.
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    ITS HERE!!! Dynasty 1.0 Trailer!! Click that link to watch the trailer from the incoming movie called Dynasty 1.0. The full movie will come in this summer. Hope you enjoyed and waiting for the movie! :)
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    Longest MA since the return of Legions

    508m with rocket. Not lucky. :) You can watch it there. (Includes also 485m MA)
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    My NEW Legions Overdrive Minitage Hope you enjoyed!
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    My first Legions: Overdrive Movie

    Tell me what you think. ;) Link to YouTube:
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    [Video] legions

    Okay. 1. When i was doing Sophisticated, i didnt know that elder had that video. 2. I didnt copy from the trooper, but from somebody else xP 3. And MJ, oh you will see, my new project will be epic legions movie, and thats gonna be totally original *chocolate cookies*! :P
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    [Video] legions

    Well, im always have been original, never even wanted to copy you. -.-
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    [Video] legions

    This is for those, who havent see my newest legions montage! It's ErrorororR! :) BTW, when legions gonna get back, im going to make an ultimate legions movie. I have some great ideas for that movie, and your gonna watch it epicly mouth open.. ! :0