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    I think it's fairly obvious that legions is rather difficult for many first time players. So why not take a chunk out of that relatively large learning curve and allow people to get the basics under control. This thread will be dedicated to ideas regarding 'training'.

    Capping/Skiing Training.

    Like the facebook/play legions site have rings that individuals fly through. Also allow players to place their own rings in order to teach other people their "cap routes"

    I think someone mentioned that the correct 'landing' area on declines should also be colored. This will hopefully assist people in landing without incurring fall damage.

    Aim Training.

    Targets and/or bots of some form or another.

    The targets could entail old school "circular targets" or even bouncing "balls" that need to be hit.

    Bots are self explanatory. A mimic of a legionnaire.

    In Game Instructions/Dictionary

    A quick reference for those who don't understand the controls and/or in game acronyms.

    Any further ideas are of course welcome. I will add more of my own later. :D
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  2. theGOAT

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    What about challenges. This keeps the training fun and challenging.
  3. NightHawk043

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    I like this idea.
    What I would possibly add to it, is perhaps if you've put down a route for the new players to try, and they don't manage it in a certain number of goes, then you show a video (said video could be viewed earlier if so wanted) which not only shows an experienced player doing the route, but has a Graphics display in the corner of the important parts of the keyboard, and each key/mouse button lights up red when it's being pressed). It couldn't show mouse movements, so players would have to learn that by guessing, but at least this way it shows How said player is controlling themselves.

    Bots would be hard to do in a game with such advanced physics. How do you get them to learn proper skiing, and improvise when a player shoots them and knocks them off their ski route.
    What I think a good idea would be, is to give the player a basic route, and a set time to do it in. On the way along this route, there are various targets the player must hit. (Some big, some little). They have to knock out a set amount to pass (but still finish the route within the set time), and bonus points are awarded for knocking out more targets.

    I'm not sure you'd be able to set it up well with Moving targets, but at least these new players would be able to hit a stationary target, which a lot of the new players I remember wouldn't have been able to do, without them also being stationary.

    The target thing would be best left until after the skiing tutorial, as it would require skiing in it.
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    lol Training.
    How about (as a more advanced training) flag control? Like knocking around with rockets and passing.

    Or, as the case may be in L:O, item control.

    Also Nighthawk, I think 'bots' could be added, but they could simply follow a preset path, and could be used for things like the above mentioned flag passing. (1-hit kills on them if for combat)
  5. MJ1284

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    Passing a flag to a bot won't teach you a thing, in real matches you have to pass it fast and accurately. You might get the accuracy part right, assuming that you just grab the flag & jet high & toss the flag towards your base, but there's this little thing called enemy players who will try to stop your passing. Flag control is something you learn by playing, but tutorial could give you a general idea how to control the flag and how useful it is in live fire situation.
  6. Mhi200

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    I completely agree.
  7. BeefThief

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    This could done in tandem with the route training. The player could be given a flag after passing through the last ring and he would have a short period of time to throw the flag onto a colored area of the ground some distance away or through a different colored ring.

    It would also be nice to have a short introduction to OD capping in the tutorial and maybe some full CTF capping routes.
  8. A2

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    In case of sniping practice, instead of bouncing balls or bots, I'd like to see some sort of a target board. Helps in aiming IMO.

    For the aiming practices, having points is what I like to see. Because we can always try to get more points than how much we got the last time we played it. Eventually, we score more, we get better.
  9. theGOAT

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    Also you should add tutorials or videos idk of different positions in ctf, etc.
  10. stefygraff

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    the big question is: "do we have that kind of technology?"
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  11. MJ1284

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    Not a bad idea, short description text & short videoclip demonstration at the start of each tutorial section should be sufficient for almost anybody.
  12. Epiclight858

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    What keeps making me sad is how I always tend to look at the introduction to the Legions: Overdrive website. It says how there will be no new content at the first launch; However, they said they will have quite a few tweaks in some fields. All of these suggestions seems great, but lets just hope Legions: Overdrive will put it into practice. I'd rather have Legions up and running instead of having to wait for a tutorial. I just can't wait for a new update on the L: O site!
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    cool idea, but i wouldn't use it... so.... <_<
  14. Epiclight858

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    Heh, good point.
  15. sugardemon

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    I think we're coming up with really complicatied ideas for something that is pretty simple. The problem wasn't that players weren't punished for not playing correctly, its that there was no player reward for doing it right. The only points displayed were kills/deaths and ping. Even flag messages (prior to mabel's intervention) were just a flash in the chatbox and a tiny beep. New players were mostly unaware of what the flag position was, and the only individual incentive was to shoot at any player the other team.

    There needs to be more feedback. Let the player make decisions about what to do, but make sure they know whats going on, and add some sort of stress to important events (i.e. flag grabs, returns, etc.). Maybe a blinking flag indicator, maybe Mabel's voice shouting at them, or maybe a blinking distance indicator as the capper(s) approach their base. Place things on the HUD so they are obvious (under health/energy bars) and hard to ignore.

    Display more stats? Especially flag play. Maybe an overall point system similar to what was implemented in Tribes 2. Just something so that the guy who stood around and dueled for a whole ctf game isnt on the top of the list.
  16. WildFire

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    graydoubt had some nice T2 sayings that I used like:

    "Flag Captured"
    "Your Flag has been taken"
    "Your Flag has been returned"

    Trust me, Those worked
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    You know what makes me sad? YOU DO! Maybe we should chug on over to mamby pamby land where we can find some self confidence for you you jack-wagon! Tissue? *throws box* Cry Baby.

    (Announcer) Legions Camp; 15 minutes could save you a poopoo-load of time.

    Do I get the job :D
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  18. WildFire

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    No! I do however agree that there needs to be some training program for new players.
  19. mausgang

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    Okay, here are my thoughts on training. A lot of the game can only be learned by playing against real players. I've talked to Mabel, and honestly, there will probably never be bots because skiing would just be difficult for the AI to calculate. He said there was a way, but I gather that it isn't fun to create and would still have problems. Anyways. What I found was useful, and this helped me in the skiing, was I would either start a game or find an empty server and learn to ski and learn to ski faster. Time trials that would be the most effective would be going to the enemy base, grabbing the flag, and getting back to base. Then it would show you your fastest times on that map. That would be the first step in training, should a player want to do this. Then, to continue, then the time trials begin. It would start with a certain time limit for capping a flag on a fast map (ie: Forgotten, moonshine) and through the maps until finally the player completes time trials on Blade Run and Mirage, those being the larger maps with the greatest navigational issues. Tips and stuff could be built in to help the players find routes for themselves. However, live fire training will have to happen in the training program of Hard Knocks. Also, I found that playing other online FPS games on PC helped a lot with getting better at Legions.
  20. Novaz

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    I made an incredibly long post about this on the old forums... :(.