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Discussion in 'Custom Maps' started by ContingencyPl4n, Aug 1, 2012.

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    I delete the, then reload the final completed map.
    Then I let the editor relight, and then I use the filtered relight option to finalize the process..
  2. ContingencyPl4n

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    yes people, I am back with the legacy project. Ive also got good and bad news.

    Bad News first, I am making maps again

    Good News, once I get certain maps to a good point, ill release them to the community, not just the PTs. That way I can gain more feedback then just with a few people.

    I had an idea that after I try to fix these maps, and continue to add new ones, I could make a Pick Up Game Map Pack, which would include maps that the community enjoys (either my maps or some one elses, who ever has the map editor, LETS GET TO WORK!). People that like playing in PuGs then DL the mappack and are able to play more then just 2-4 maps all the time. This is all down the road more, but I think this will easily help the staleness of pick ups. Hell should we like these maps enough, lets put them into rotation. (again a long ways off).

    Lastly Ive cut the main post down to just a few words.

    Forgotten: bases are closer, middle isnt llama super highway, outsides the same
    Mirage: moved the bases a hell of a lot closer, moved 2 towers slightly, removed the rainbows, smoothed some parts out, rest of terrain is same.
    OTtN: changed some terrain, added a wall in the back of bases so you cant just go to back hill, upped the fog color to try and gain better visability(sp?) at close range, but the fogs a bit thicker, meaning side routes are a bit sneakier if you know what you are doing.
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  4. ContingencyPl4n

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    well I *dancing* lied, for some reason Legions doesnt like my maps, and wont load them...(same reason Quarry didnt work)

    for anyone that wants to try and figure it out:

    theres the files for Mirage Forgotten and OTtN

    EDIT: so yeah, if I cant figure out wtf is going on, my mapping is over (some may see that as a good thing I guess)
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  5. k e v i n

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  6. Fixious

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    They worked for me. I couldn't load them directly from the Create a Game screen, but they loaded just fine when selecting them in-game from the Game Panel.
  7. ContingencyPl4n

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    hrm thats odd

    idk what to say, they dont work normally and I dunno why, thats something for the devs to troubleshoot
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  8. Fixious

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    I've had this issue quite a few times before with Defender's maps. Just a bug with newer maps I guess.
  9. ContingencyPl4n

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    As Fixi said, start a game, then use the panel to go to the new maps, id like some feedback on them, im gonna watch a movie soon, and after that, ill be back to tweaking these maps for a next release (prob around tuesday-thursday)

    edit: (so exciting getting these to work... wonder if quarry would work then...) Map directions

    OTtN: gain a better visibility at short ranges to make it fun, make one half the map have better hills(current routes are *danced* up fyi)
    Forgotten: get the bases closer together and take out the llama super highway
    Mirage: also move bases closer and get a fast paced large map like zenith going. (tunnels are staying)
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    ContingencyPl4n, I like what you did with Mirage..
    Making it smaller was a good Idea..;)

    Install the Map Support mod, it fixs that issue..
    Just place the zip in your Legions live folder,
    Don't unzip it..
    I hope the Devs include the Map Support mods fixs in 140, or fix the code they use now to work like it.... Devs, will older maps still work in 140?
  11. Poponfu

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    They will work fine , all that will need to change is the server/preferences/config.cs which got changed a little to support a game mode attached to each map , still with the old weighting system. The new map stuff to learn will be hunters and FCNC map/assets setup.
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    Will this annoying process be fixed somehow?
  13. ContingencyPl4n

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    Thx pop, I'll look into it when I get home tonight

    EDIT:Well, I edited mirage a bit, but I dont wanna add it yet, I was wanting some more feedback on the current one.

    the new one I smoothed it out
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  14. Fixious

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    I can't seem to find any decent sideroutes on Mirage, though that doesn't mean they don't exist. One thing I am certain of is that Alpha has a way better front-route than Beta. This is the main culprit. The other side isn't as steep and is closer (further from the base), which provides a better ramp to grab the flag. This is basically a wall. Perhaps moving further away from the base and making it more of a ramp would be better. I'm not a fan of the flag stand itself either, never have been. As a HoF I imagine you'd agree. Thankfully the flag stand is a separate shape and can be deleted, however this puts the flag lower and would make spotting cappers a bit of a bitch.
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    You should try and make a mirrored map at least see how it goes, it will also help new players pick up capping easier imo. Also save 10 mins from pugs to start.
  16. WildFire

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    I will have a look at seeing if I can get any routes for mirage (Updated version) and feedback to you.
  17. ContingencyPl4n

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    Well I as thinking of mirage today and may have stumbled apon what makes it bad.

    after the smoothing run I did last night I remembered the terrain looked familiar from an earlier exploit I looked into. Mirages terrain was started using something I refuse to use, the terraformer. Whoever made it used the canyon terraform and created around 3 valleys that run the length of the map (it's what that option does) they tweaked values in the canyon options to make the hills a hell of a lot of bumps and small divits(sp?) along with the terrain layout. Not only that, the valleys run at an angle, which screws with routing due to the general layout of the large hills. If I move the bases so that they run "north and south", doing side routes would be easier as going down and up a hill shoots you toward the base then at an odd angle.

    For the T1 guys, the terrain is generally layed out like a crappy rollercoaster. I'm changing it so that the valleys don't run left-right, but front-back, so that starting side routes and hitting the stand will be MUCH easier.
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  18. ContingencyPl4n

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    Double post for a huge question, I can seriously think I can make Mirage better, but the whole tunnel thing isnt centered on the map, so trying to get it to work evenly in anyway screws with the map size (alphas back area is much bigger then betas)

    If I remove the tunnels will people object?
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  19. Fixious

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  20. Defender

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    Those tunnels are my faverite feature in Mirage!
    If its going to be changed that much, It would be better to just rename your new map.