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Discussion in 'Custom Maps' started by ContingencyPl4n, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. k e v i n

    k e v i n Private Tester

    the only people i see who would object, are the ones who always go inside them to fool around and ruin the game
  2. ContingencyPl4n

    ContingencyPl4n Elite Pro Mapmaker

    New mirage to more what I think would work, bases moved, insides gone, hopefully better hills. Test please.

    EDIT: Dear god, the routes are rough as hell, but there are some you can do.

    There are a few key hills/areas that are missing around one of the bases, and it needs some terrain tweaking and smoothing in areas, but holy *chocolate cookies*, I think I may have a shot at making Mirage a great map!
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  3. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    Cont and I spent around 30-45 minutes testing the new Mirage. It's considerably better than previous versions, in our opinion. Sideroutes are viable, front routes are good. Still iffy on the stand though. Outer portions need some cleanup/smoothing.
  4. Application-1

    Application-1 test bester

    The tunnels are never ever used in mirage. Delete it. Or try to make a fitting style of terrain around the object, I would prefer that but it is a bit harder.
  5. stefygraff

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  6. ContingencyPl4n

    ContingencyPl4n Elite Pro Mapmaker

    Check out the latest release you will be happeh
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  7. Jordahan

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    Bugs might ban you.
  8. Defender

    Defender Member

    Nice open terrain, You did a nice job..;)
    Still needs a lot of smoothing here and there like some said.
    I miss the tunnels, but ok if thats what everyone wants removed.
  9. ContingencyPl4n

    ContingencyPl4n Elite Pro Mapmaker

  10. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead


    Please do.

  11. Pure

    Pure Member

    Release some new maps dammit frost/nivo/reactor/moon/elegiac is just boring and frost is the only decent map that pubs are usually 'good'.
  12. ContingencyPl4n

    ContingencyPl4n Elite Pro Mapmaker

    I havent played in 2 months, and my maps would never get pushed live.

    Forgotten, OTTN, Zenith and Core are fine, and Pop has New Mirage, you people just need to suck it up and stop playing the same. *dancing*. maps. over and over and overandoverandoverandoverandover. Its partly why i quit playing, I got tired of frost-frost-Ele-Frost-frost-Reactor-Ele-Frost-Frost
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    JCARTEL Private Tester

    Needs moar Quarry!!!
  14. Perfection

    Perfection Member

    God damn we do, I've never missed it so much in my life but if it ever comes back we'll all hate it again after awhile and it'll just skipped every single time.

    And we'll just play Frostbyte again.

    JCARTEL Private Tester

    At least we would have it as a choice to play it "officially" that is...
  16. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    Is this sort of back? I've heard rumblings of fixing Sleepwalker and Forgotten.
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  17. ContingencyPl4n

    ContingencyPl4n Elite Pro Mapmaker

    SHHHHHHH! They must not know of this yet! that Said, expect a post on the weekend about it.
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  18. ContingencyPl4n

    ContingencyPl4n Elite Pro Mapmaker

    double post to bump it with THIS!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Was thinking of redoing the bases as a start, this is a horrid mock up of the idea I had, seems the legions editor was a bit gimped imo, when added to legions. (still used to the seperate one). (also what is 'set editor to yes' n' what not, this editor is all wonky... :S)
  19. WildFire

    WildFire Warrior of Linux

    I believe the bases need to be simpler. Personally I like the base that is on Alpha currently, I think its really interesting design wise and looks good. I might fire my Legions up and mirror the bases and see how that works.
  20. Ucantry2run

    Ucantry2run Private Tester

    More like