The Future of Legions - Part One

Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by BugsPray, Sep 7, 2012.

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  1. Libra

    Libra Member

    Weather effects would be great wind, rain, snow, sleet, thunder storms, all that and more.
  2. k e v i n

    k e v i n Private Tester

    does look really cool, but i'm sure that price is wayy to expensive
  3. TrainMuncher

    TrainMuncher Member

    Holy *dance*, you guys. I was under the impression this was dead and buried. I'm seriously looking forwards to the future development and the move to steam. Epic kudos for the effort that's for sure. So very glad I checked back.

    T:A is amusing but I still miss legions, I'm so very excited to hear it's still kicking it's lil feet.

    Will be back "soon". Thank you lot for all the hard work and dedication you're putting into the game. You guys are the *dancing* best. <3
  4. Sin

    Sin Private Tester

    Munch! :D
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  5. Angel.

    Angel. Private Tester

    happy face
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  6. Smooth P

    Smooth P New Member

    Proper Tribes-like movement (and trees!) are quite possible in Unity. I know because my disappointment with T:A caused me to go out and do it:

  7. Defender

    Defender Member

    I found this free game last night, Im guessing some of you know about it..
    This game is opensource GPLv2 license and seems to be based quake3 but with updated graphics..
    If the next Legions is going to be opensource, I think the Dev team could get some great ideas on redesigning the legions website by taking a look at the website.. I also like some of the space arena maps they have, witch have have jump/accel pads, and wonder if that kind of map design would be fun in Legions.

  8. Jordahan

    Jordahan World Leader of The 21st Century

    It's like the exact same layout?
  9. Defender

    Defender Member

    Even if the next Legions is not opensource, you could still maybe get some good Ideas for a new legions website, and maybe some game features too from xonotic.
    I like how they have pictures, info, and a few download options for the game..
  10. Armageddon

    Armageddon Teapot

  11. tman2010001

    tman2010001 Member

    I like the look but I dont like the floaty ness... I like the normal physics that Legions has..
  12. Volt Cruelerz

    Volt Cruelerz Legions Developer

    Legions physics aren't quite what I'd call normal...
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  13. Defender

    Defender Member

    To me the physics, for skiing and jetting are what make legions special, compaired to Tribes or Legends...
    Who ever coded it on the old legions Dev, sure did a great job.:)
    Its going to be interesting to see if the physics can be ported to Unity...
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  14. k e v i n

    k e v i n Private Tester

    i also like how they have that stuff to, even a youtube video so i can see wht the gameplay is like
  15. Fixious

    Fixious Test Lead

    Could be useful.
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  16. Defender

    Defender Member

    I doubt anyone around here whos not on the dev team or going to school to create games would buy it for $95.00 bucks.
    But it does look easy to learn.
  17. RockeyRex

    RockeyRex Legions Developer

    It's not really... needed for games like Legions where most of the world is terrain.
  18. pinekoan

    pinekoan Legions Developer

    Interesting. Source? Sure I can just decompile the Mono assemblies, but Unity does some weird post-compile things and its rather ugly. Is it yours?
  19. Angel.

    Angel. Private Tester

    People dont speak english anymore.... could you guys dumb it down for me
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  20. Karnage

    Karnage Private Tester

    Doesn't seem to be any fall damage and hitting a slope (up or down) doesn't seem to affect the speed. Or am I mistaken? Hope this is not where we are headed if my perception is correct. It also seems rather slow compared to Legions - more Tribes-like. Can the physics of Legions really be replicated here?
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