The answer to "What is a PUG or pub?

Discussion in 'Competition' started by Apcizzle, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. UUAllACE

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    I almost want to click next game and face roll against a goat so i can say i shagged it.
  2. Buhlitz

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    What I don't understand is how you let someone wrack up 71 kills and zero deaths in a PUG. Someone should have called him out and even if it took 2 or 3 people to take him out, how can you possibly ignore someone being that effective....

    Fail captain is fail.
  3. Freeman

    Freeman RAYTANG

    I doubt anyone was letting mabel just kill people.
    For that game itself, I remember that mabel told me he was playing stay at home, and not LO. So it wasnt like the captain was to blame.
  4. Jordahan

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    Yeah, how dare he get a shutout. The other team should have totally tried to kill him more than the 71(+) times they already did.
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  5. Buhlitz

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    I'm just saying. There is always a way.
  6. Apcizzle

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    notice i'm never in these screenies
  7. Molten Dwarf

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    I find that this is a little too harsh of a statement. In a true emergency, one will not have the time to find and wait for their substitute to arrive. In my opinion, banning from future pick ups should be based on how common the issue with the player is. If they're usually there for the entire match, then suddenly needing to drop from one pick up should be no big deal.
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    When I saw this, I lol'ed. After awhile I lol'ed at sylvana8266.
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  9. Redvan

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    so if my wife is laying there dying, can we have a row of people lined up in TS to quickly sub? Because it'd suck, ya know, be sitting here waiting for a sub...
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  10. Apcizzle

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    come on guys.. it should be obvious enough that if there is some sort of serious emergency like a death or your house burning down or something as simple as being late for work or class that you don't need to wait for a video game. Let's be realistic here.

    I would hope if you had work in 20 minutes that you wouldn't join a PUG knowing they don't happen that quick. But if you have to get up and leave the computer for something, please make an attempt to get a sub or at the very least make an announcement to your captain so we know.
  11. Maybe have a scoring system to keep track.... when you leave you get a check... 3 checks your out for a cooling down "don't be a dbag and leave" time limit... if you play for 3 full games you get 1 check taken away. Just brain storming.

    Crap I have to go guys my cats on fire!!
    "alt +f4"
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  12. xchris2168x

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    so i've been checking the TS on and off.. but i've never found anyone else starting a PUG.. any advice as to when they usually happen?
  13. Pure4Pwnge

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    Usually at night. around 8-12 PM EST.
  14. A2

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    Head up to the IRC channel #legions.pickup for joining pugs. Best o' luck.
  15. xchris2168x

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    Even for USA pugs?
  16. Disci

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    No. Just go on TS and wait... and wait... and wait. At some point there are people in PUG channel who are all there and not just hang in it afk.
  17. GundamExia00

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    Ugh, the third step doesn't apply anymore :)
  18. Apcizzle

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  19. GundamExia00

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    D: I miss Fraggis.
  20. Noober

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    i'm trained to withhold piss...
    i'd like to try pug (only evening), but I have not understood where it is decided to be.. teamspeak3? on what channel?

    then my english is bad.. i'm talking it much bad than i write.
    but i can understand "idiot" "defend" "attack" etc :p