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    I've noticed a few players here ask this question. So here is your quick answer:

    PUG - Pick Up Game
    A pick up game is type of competition that is casually started within a voice chat server like Ventrilo or Teamspeak 3. There are typically run every week on saturdays from 8pm EST onwards although they can also be spur of the moment if there are a large number of people around at other times.

    First: A sufficient amount of players are needed. 5 vs 5 is the bare minimum but we like to do 7 vs 7 or even 8 vs 8 at times... it all depends on how many people are online at the time.

    Second: Sadly, this seems to be the hardest part of the whole process and that would be finding 2 people who would be captains. Once 2 guys decide to suck it up and become captains, they start to pick teams one by one. The first player pick or map pick is decided by a coin toss by a mutual party. The winner of the toss chooses what map and side he or she would like or what player they choose first.

    Third: A server is determined by all the players in the game and everyone parties up on that server.

    Fourth: Once everyone is in the game and both teams say that they are ready, the game is started by the host.

    The objective is the first to get to 10 flag captures or to have the most captures within the decided timelimit (which if i remember correctly, we liked 20-25 mins on the clock). It is unacceptable to leave a PUG early. Players who do so will be banned from future PUG's. If there is an emergency for you to leave, then find someone to substitute for u and wait for his/her arrival.

    Pub - Public game/server
    Simple put: A public server is what most people play when they play any game. You go to the game server list of the dedicated servers available and choose the game you like. This is no different in Legions. Public servers don't usually have a good amount of teamwork, but a good place to start and get familiar with the game. Once you feel comfortable with the game, the transition to PUG's should start. It will be rough at first since it is a huge change in difficulty, but most of us agree that PUG's are where the real fun is.

    Hope this helps.
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    couldnt have said it better :D
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  4. [​IMG]

    This is pug screeny from back in the day =P
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    oh i miss that screen
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    You'll see it soon enough. :)
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    That has clarified SO MUCH of the past two days.
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    good.. glad it helped :)
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    Soooo many sexy names there.... *drools*
  10. was fun game =P
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    Waaaaa your making me miss it more lol
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    kdr of 71. Nice.

    Don't you ever do a force respawn?
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    Nitpicking: Actually that KDR is undefined. 71 to 1 would be a KDR of 71. ;)

    And no, Mabel, no! You're not doing it right. Silly devhacks and bowlparties! ;)

    A possible addition to the OP: If you're playing in a PUG, you play until the match is over. Dropping out midgame is a bad bad thing to do. That's usually not really a problem during PUBs though.
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    very very true. i will add this in bold.
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    damn, that was a long time ago, I'm guessing.
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    how does eat..PUB?
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    chopsticks are preferred.
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    reading this makes me missing pugs even more :X
  20. the good old pug days.... very nice game mabe