Sleepwalker, Stygian, Team Deathmatch, OMG!

Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by GReaper, May 6, 2011.

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    ROCK ON!
  3. 57thRomance

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    Omg. I just logged on to this great news. TIME TO TEST BABY!!!
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  4. OMG didn't expect it that soon YAAAAAAAAAAY
  5. GReaper

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    Due to popular demand, I've put 2 public test servers up for the US and DE servers.
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    *girly screams*

    <.< >.>

    *inner yay*
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    just decor for now
  10. Ucantry2run

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  11. Will the new maps gonna be on CTF servers??
    if not, are we gonna be able to host them in CTF when the hosting goes live ?
  12. Armageddon

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    Capture and hold anyone? :)

    CTF versions = yes.
  13. Fixious

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    First thing I thought as well. ;)
  14. Aptiva!

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    Please tell me that Stygian is going to be CTF as well.
  15. RainPilot

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    Stygian is very nice but I can't really see it as a CTF map unless you smooth some of the map out and fix some hills. Other than that, I love the bases and the huge hills that give it a Tribes feel.

    Sleeperwalker is good as a TDM, except you kinda have to walk across the map since there are no hills around the spawns.
  16. BestCharmie

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    YEAH! TDM AT LAST! Thank you, devs.
  17. Homingun

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    A nice surprise.

    A couple suggestions:

    Maybe add a kills and deaths counter or just a K/D ratio counter to the score board. TDM ,and to a certain extent DM, aren't as much about how fast one can kill as they are about how many kills one gets compared to deaths. The current point system gives a better indication of player's aggressiveness rather than their skill in staying alive.

    An annoying issue I've noticed is players respawning after the player who damaged them last has died. This doesn't give fear kill points and is a cheap tactic in general.
  18. ContingencyPl4n

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    Upping the side hills for Sleep, and adding some hills around the bases could easily make it CTF oriented, you can even keep most of the flatness for it too, as its a one jump to stand. Would be a crazy small map.

    Stygian has great potential as a capping map, but many of the hills dont lead to the bases well. Gives a Dangerous Crossing type feel, which I like. (I always thought that maps in Legions needed to be a bit more vertical, every things so 'flat' and open.)
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  19. Ucantry2run

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    The bases are a little close on Stygian. The map is gigantic, but very close for a map that size. The map has great potential and I would like to see it worked on further. :D
  20. yeh it happened to me like 2 times before i noticed it and i got very annoyed in the second time because i regenerated my health to 90% at least but i ran out of ammo so i respawned and saw that happening :mad:
    and if he got killed it means he lost the duel and no score should be added to him, *dance* it people might loose a game because of just respawning