Outdated List of Legions Launcher Bugs and Their Fixes

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by A2, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. SeymourGore

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    Try reinstalling from this link.

  2. A2

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    Hey guys,
    I updated the list a bit, added a few links and a few more lines and all. :)
  3. TroBeleave

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    redownloading the game worked
  4. simon71

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    Hello. Well, i'm french and i would like to play this game ( i've the configuration requied and updates ) but there is a problem : When i clic on " Play ", the legion launcher load legion.exe during 3 second and say : " legion has exited ". I've re-download many times but this does not change..
    Can you help me please ?

    console : http://pastebin.com/KPmtjrj0
  5. legions

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    it does that on mine
  6. gryxitl

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    I hit the play button after its done updating and it says, "The system cannot find the specified file." I ran it with administrator mode as well any ideas?
  7. Voltage

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    The links are broken... Can't access any of the .NET links.
  9. Konflict

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    6) Launcher stuck at 'Contacting Auth server'/just doesn't open at any point.

    I don't get what Stefygraff said:confused:can someone precisely tell me what to do?
  10. tree

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    thank you A2.. very helpful.
  11. Curlytops-TeamRP

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    theres no launcher.exe inside. only the legions.exe.
  12. WildFire

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    Yeah, legions.exe is the game. The launcher is just that patcher, you can play the game by pressing the legions.exe
  13. Curlytops-TeamRP

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    Other methods to fix stuck in auth server ?? none of those are working for me ..
    my time was synchronize, my location is phil. GMT +8 but it synch with seoul +9.. is this ok ??
  14. Curlytops-TeamRP

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  15. Curlytops-TeamRP

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    after all of the struggles happen to me to be able to play this GAME! !!!!! another problem appears again .. is God just dont want me to play this game anymore . ?

    http://forums.legionsoverdrive.com/threads/problem-with-launching.4789/ we have the same problem . i saw his pics and thats what happens to me .. even if i open the legions.exe directly.

    please . im seeking for another help . . :(... still searching for threads .
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  18. WildFire

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    Is any of this even applicable anymore? The launcher got updated by GReaps months ago.
  19. Hi!

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    I got a new laptop and when I tried installing legions on there the launcher said you need to install DirectX, I click ok and it opens up the browser and takes me to the Microsoft windows 10 page instead of the DirectX install page.....so if someone wanted to come looking for it here they'll be able to find it and install it
  20. GReaper

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    I've unstickied this thread and changed the title - it's outdated.

    Yes - annoyingly Microsoft has changed the URL to the DirectX runtime installer. I'll update the launcher to point to the right URL at some point over the next few days.

    However this thread is now officially useless.