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Discussion in 'Announcements & Updates' started by BugsPray, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. Mahidhar

    Mahidhar Member

    Will we ever be able to have the option of user-hosting the servers? I know, you're working on it, but, will it still be your priority of placing the user-hosted system after the release of Legions? Because, as an Asian player, I'd like to see dedicated Asian servers, but since, there aren't many Asian players, it would be a loss for you guys and I can understand that. Which is why I'm asking, even if it won't be integrated with the release or in the near future, can you guarantee that this system be made available at all?

    EDIT: I would also like to know, since this is going to be on a stand alone client, it will not have anything to do with the website, so, is it possible to have LAN-play option on the client?
  2. Falcon

    Falcon Private Tester

    A possible work-around may be to use Wine/WineBottler. I have only fooled around with these a bit of times, with limited success. However, for Legions, I definitely would be willing to put in some more time to figure it out, and if it is possible. It probably depends exact file Legions: Overdrive will be.
  3. NightHawk043

    NightHawk043 Member

    I have just one question to ask here.

    Is Prometheus Coming to the party too?
  4. RedInk

    RedInk Member

    He will most likely be destroying it:(
  5. stefygraff

    stefygraff Private Tester

    Lets not forget what happened last time when we were so happy... learn from mistakes:

    1. The Nanu Nanu servers-everyone was happy and thought that I.A. will live happy, butI.A. closed up,
    2. Instant Jam- a little spark in the community, died fast along with I.A. itself .

    Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that Legions will have a comeback with no disappointments, Hail to Actionauts!
  6. Alex

    Alex Member

    to hell with Instant Jam.....damn..I really excited about LEEJUNZ...I'm so excited i could kill someone...too bad Lore can't hang out with Leejunz..but well it's either lore or leejunz...and i say to hell with lore
  7. Ohdang

    Ohdang New Member

    *Tears of joy*
  8. GundamExia00

    GundamExia00 Member

    I had already read the "This time we really mean it...", but I was just wondering because the old IA community said the same thing.
  9. Disci

    Disci Old man

    I suggest you get your ass on #legions and get some more info about the game. Or you can stick in here and wait for the updates on frontpage and FAQ page.
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  10. Lunaris

    Lunaris Member

    Excuse I...


    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!.....

    however no Asia Server.Please try to get that as fast as possible :D

    Anyways, Good Job getting it back up so quickly and effieceintly(spelling)

    A very happy Lunaris.
  11. Dabbleh

    Dabbleh Legions Developer

    Lets do this.
  12. Cauchemar

    Cauchemar Member

    Finally, good news, IA may die but from the dust shall rise a brand new community. Very pleasant, indeed.

    EDIT : I'd like to thank :
    • BugsPray
    • Mabeline
    • GReaper
    • Fahrenheit451
    • Neolight
    • fuzzytank
    • andret
    • cruncha
    • AelxPorter
    • DeadGuy
    • SeymourGore
    for the time they invest in this project.
  13. mauricon

    mauricon New Member

    wow good to see you legion.... i want to play with the old friends
  14. Disci

    Disci Old man

    People would appreciate if someone from Asia would take things under control and provide people their own server. Servers cost money and there should be people ready to donate money for the one who decides to host a one. I would want to see servers popping around the world so everyone who is willing to play this game wouldn't need to do it with too high ping. What if 57th Asia division could take responibility to find out if theres any way to get a server going and then you guys could all take part to maintain it. Just an idea...
  15. PierceHardwood

    PierceHardwood New Member

    Sounds good. Seems like something we can all get behind, especially in comparison to the corporate bullshit Crash and Wiley had no choice but to keep up. Looking forward to playing with all of you again.
  16. Piggeh

    Piggeh Puzzlemaster

    Quick question: Approximately how many dedicated servers are going to be up? Last time, there were 3 nanu_nanu's, but with PUGS and clans, how is that all going to be managed?
  17. BugsPray

    BugsPray Legions Developer

    We do not have specifics on clan/pug servers yet, but know that we are designing our systems to accommodate clans/teams, PUGs and competitive play.
  18. XPsyCo_Beast-P5X

    XPsyCo_Beast-P5X New Member

    After 1 year of being off IA, I finnaly decide to come back and they shut down and i was like:eek:, then I realized FE:L was on IA and i went :(, now that i found this website im:). Please bring back the same old leagions that we have all come to know and love.
  19. Hawk

    Hawk Member

    Your sig is tremendous! LOL, please check out the FAQ for more info about it :)
  20. SeymourGore

    SeymourGore Flatulent Cherub

    We'll be bringing back the "same old Legions", but also expect some new content for Legions in the future as well!
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