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    Aight, hello folks! I really like editing and one thing especially, frag movies. Frag movies are a big part in a game and within the community and has motivated people to play more in many different games. It is also great advertisement when it comes to getting new players into the game. I have about 3 years experience with After Effects, about 5 years of Sony Vegas and alittle less than 6 months of 3D studio max, but I'm always after learning more. So... yeah, with that said... I would like to start a global community movie.
    But before this project can even get started, the game has to get finished, or atleast come so far that there will only be smal smal changes to it. But there is one important thing that has to be made first and that is the demo recording system. Without that, it's pretty much impossible to create high quality frag movies. What a demo system most have in order to make a quality movie is the following: Option to speed up, slow down and freeze the demo at any time and also the options to spawn a free camera inside the demos. The best is if you can then make smooth paths with the spawned camera to look at actions within the demos in smooth motion.
    My idea is to show all aspects of the game, and that includes, capping, passes, pickups, midairing, chasing, multi fragging etc etc.
    Since the game isn't finished I will wait before posting further information about it, but the main thing I'm wondering about now is how many of you who would be interested in this. Support from the community is an important thing to keep motivation up.
    I made this little Movie poster in about 7 hours, didn't come up with a good movie name so I just named it "Legions", but anyways, hope you like it! :D
    *Thanks to FeniX for helping me snapping pictures of the legions characters and also thanks to whoever made the Legions logo.
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    I agree, especially if you intend to use material from several players. Different resolutions, HUD mods, reticles, FOVs, all those would show in current videos, disrupting the homogeneity of the final product.

    Once demos go live, I really wouldn't worry about that. You'll get more stuff than you'll ever need ;)
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    If you need some cushion for the pushin then just slap me in IRC
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    If this were to happen I'd be sure to supply demos.
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    First of all, great image. Secondly, while you're waiting for the demo recording to be built, you could start working on the story(if you haven't already).

    Personally, I would like the background story to be based on Tribes(some Tribes gameplay included at the start, in black and white). When I first heard about Legions, and that it's a spiritual successor to Tribes, I checked out Tribes. I have a habit of making up fantasy stories, linking up different things.

    So, when I compared Tribes to Legions, Legions seemed to have an after-war effect. With all it's rusty buildings, ruins half covered in snow and sand. So, Tribes was the past, with technology at it's peak, it's age ending with a great war. Legions' story takes place, many years later, even centuries, after the near-annihilation of Humans. Now, surviving in small communities, Humans find curious technology from the past, hoping to harness it's power. I believe writers here, can wrap up the full story, and while this goes on in the movie, all aspects of the actual game can be covered.
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    Mahidhar, it's a frag move, not a scripted movie. Thus, it will be a series of (presumably well-edited) gameplay shots from across the Legions community.

    At least, that's what I'm interpreting it as.

    We are working on Lore, if you're itching to get into the Legions backstory. =)
  7. Mahidhar

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    I see. I didn't know the difference but, I'm sure it'll be great. I'm looking forward to the Legions backstory, hope one day, we'll get to see a real Legions movie.
  8. Ucantry2run

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    We could always have a sort of background like that to the story, though. I love this idea. I could also help provide some gameplay videos along with some of my buds. A scripted movie sounds like a hilarious idea though, that would be really fun.
  9. A2

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    Binnyboy! Nice poster. =)
    You could fit in a nice tagline there. Also, teaser pics later on. Okay?
  10. poiuyt580

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    I can supply clips/make stuff with photoshop.
  11. skypredator

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    Oh. My. *dancing*. Cheesefries. I was thinking about making a legitimate Legions movies with Fraps. I'd end up editing the framerate and the background so it would look real, but first of all, I don't have fraps, and secondly, I'm swamped with school. If this takes off, could I be in it? :D I always dreamt of being a star, walking the red carpet, and pwnzoring those damn paparazzi with my chaingun... But dreams are only dreams, young one. ;)
  12. Vox

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    so wait, you want us to supply you with frags so there can be a kickass movie made?
  13. Alex

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    can i help with the lore?
  14. Daphinicus

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    We already know how we plan to flesh out the lore, bud, so we're good there. Thanks though! You're more than welcome to write fiction for Legions, but hang on until I can put together a concrete timeline and history you and other writers can follow. We have the basics, but it's not in a releasable state yet, and it's lower-priority than some of the other stuff I have to work on.

    If you want to help out behind the scenes, that means becoming part of the dev team, which in turns means sending me a writing sample, and sending Bugs your resume and cover letter. We're always looking for talented community members to bring in to the dev team!
  15. Alex

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    Thanks anyway but I think there will be a problem with my resume, you see I am only 16 but it would be awesome to write Legions fiction,anyway I will do as you say and wait 'till the proper realease of the lore.Perhaps when i turn 18,who knows...
  16. skypredator

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    So what are we gonna do? Are we gonna start the filming or not? I think we should start thinking about what we're gonna do. Yes or no? If yes, what, where, when, who, and why? I've had some experience with acting and film-making. What they do is decide yes or no, if yes, when, where, when, who, and why, then when to start the filming, if possible. We all have different schedules and different software, so I'm sure that we'd all be able to contribute.
  17. Ucantry2run

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  18. skypredator

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    Yup, Ucan. I think I was asking about the plot of the movie, not when, how, why, and where it would be filmed. Context clues are sometimes very useful. ;)
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    Nice work on the poster [​IMG]