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-Version beta

Large map area, with multiple routes and plenty of hills.
Terrain ported from a tribes2 competition ladder map, Identical on both sides.
Credits: Orginal Terrain by dienasty (edited by Rooster128)
Changes to the Orginal terrain by Defender!
Bases Identical on both sides, flags way out in the open
Let me know what you think!

My official latest version
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Screenshots >>

First version, kinda blury with the green grass textures..
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Not sure about the grass texture, looks painfully low resolution to me.

The detail texture is from grassy, and the rest of the textures are not low resolution, they are 512x512.
Part of the problem is the maps terrain block size of 16, 8 would look better, but its to small then.
The funny thing is, I used some of these same textures in a tribes2 map, and they look better.
This game needs decent graphics settings, tribes2 has settings for terrain detail and much more..
I have always had a hard time getting green or dirt maps to look crisp, thats the reason I make snow maps more.
I'm going to be tweaking the terrain deatail settings more in the next version.
The map looks better in game, the screenshots lose resilution when i convert them for upload..


A very unique set up of different slopes and hills. Fun map,nice work!
The terrain is from the custom tribes2, competition S8maps, pack, I also have the S5maps, map pack.. Both these newer map packs feature terrains with great skiing, the terrains fit well in to Legions.
I will be porting more of these to Legions, in the future, if I keep mapping..
You can download the packs below, and use them in tribes2, if you want them.
The guy who made these packs, is one heck of a 3d artist, modeler, mapper, skinner, scripter, game developer..
I talked to him by email, he's vary nice and helpful, long time tribes2, player.
Wish he was on the Legions dev team.;)


Some of his work, love the chaingun and the kickass disc launcher



Wow! Very nice work Defender. I'm loving the crossbow, that looks cool. Did you create the weapon models yourself?


Wow! Very nice work Defender. I'm loving the crossbow, that looks cool. Did you create the weapon models yourself?
No, I got it from Realm Wars, its a old toque game..
Got permission a long time ago to use assets from it..
I started making a little Realm Wars mod for Legions, a few weeks ago, but after getting the bow added, I realized this is kinda dumb..:rolleyes:
If anyone wants the mod, message me.
The mod was only going to have a bow, ice staff, and 1 or 2 more weapons, all base Legions stuff disabled.. Was last working on getting the arrow projectile tweaked.
I'm using the grenade projectile for the arrow, that way it slowly falls as it travels like a real arrow.. I need a better arrow shape to use, the base stuff looks dumb..