Too High Pings


So basically i tweaked my prefs and it worked fine but the problem i now have is that the pings are all over 100 how do i reduce that on my legions. I will upload my prefs so you can see what i have done and if anyone would kindly examine it and change it so can have a lower ping that would be helpful.

My Prefs


EDIT: This is my speed i dont know if it will help but ill just put it up here Ping


It's your internet connection, and you're getting agitated over your prefs file.
I randomly started getting high ping the other day, out of nowhere. Give it some time, check again tomorrow, might be just a temporary network issue.

k e v i n

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sometimes i have a stupid fluxuating ping as well and get way over 500...maybe unplug ur router to reset it? but that's all i can think of, sorry:(


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Ping is connection based. It's your internet. Log into your router via it's IP and reset it.


Ahh, i had a problem like this one time. I found out it was my UTorrent causing the problem.


might i did u fix it?
my internet was kinda rubbish that night so i shut down my comp and went to bed then i woke up and it was fine and i had less than my average ping i had around 20 -30 but normally i would have 40 -60