To Legions...


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Man, its been a ride.

Some of you may not know, but I started playing Legions just under a month after it came out. I played it here and there. It wasnt till a few months later that, On Bladerun, Deathball23 of the 57th Midnight Squadron invited me to IRC and Vent. You see, Legions was my first major online computer game, I played console before that. I had no idea wtf IRC or Vent was. I joined up and played in 4v4s and 5v5s for like 2 weeks. Always hard to get Pugs going back then. Slowly we gained people to play 7v7s over and over, and youre damn right that we did.

Then came one fateful game. Frostbyte, Blue (way before alpha/beta team) side, APC as captain. I was picked last, and didnt like it. I wanted to be useful. APC said 4, just 4, little words that changed my Legions experience forever.

"Who wants to HoF?"

I agreed to after a few seconds as no one spoke up. I wanted to be useful. From there. I grew. I joined Velocitys EXP for a short time before migrating to Team Vorticity also known as Zeta (or the Zeta Boys). Zeta was mediocre at the start. Our standoffs sucked, but we could escort cappers with ease, that was our strength. All the while, I HoFed. actually, I HoFed for a year and a half without stopping. Seriously, Every Comp game, PuG, or Pub, I was playing as a Heavy on the stand. Every. Damn. Game. Apcizzle wanted me to for the team, so I did. As time went on, Zeta gained strength in its standoff defense. Its what we practiced the most. Kryst used to take me into private servers and toss flags towards my general area. and I iODed them. I did this for hours.

Ill come clean right here and now with hindsight and truth. I was never the best Heavy. Desk could out duel and move me. But god damnit, I was the best Heavy on Flag in this game at its peak. My stand ability with flag-play was second to none. You could MA me, out duel me, and sometimes get past me, but I learned when you did. Multiple high end cappers during comps biggest days said I was the hardest HoF to get by, and damn if I agree.

its all I could do.

I played this game for 5 *dancing* years. 5 *dancing* YEARS. This game will always be a highlight of my life. The genre I was introduced to, the people I met, the high points and lows. all of it. Man what a ride.

Legions for Life. God speed to all of you.Legions will always be in my heart, and because of that, may it never truely die.

what is there else to say? hmm... what do I remember?
The specialist classes.
The iOD flinging.
Misty Mountain Hop.
Cores original death trench. and Moonshines too. Cores old stand.
Clothesline of Doom.
I was on Mirages first ever Pick up.
Legions Player Radio. (Legions Live)
bi-weekly patch releases.
that shitty old spawn on blue side down low for Frostbyte.
APCs ol'faithful cap route on Frostbyte.
Stealths first map that had full bases, and 'The_Bots' logo.
The shotgun.
The Armageddon cannon.
One Small Step.
My rendition of Canyon Crusade.
Outlawls zero ping sniping.
the Mornaval.

people: (Yes I remember many, but there are some of the ones from oh so long ago.)

The Phroo
Taylor Balbi (the original HoF of Legions.)

Horse Hiders
Via Victus
57th Nidnight Squardron

Its late and im tired, but thats all I got at the top of my head right now.

I love ya Legions, cya around, man.
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Heyo! Memories! I've missed you man. I miss back when Legions was at it's peak. I think Apc picked me for my first PuG, then shortly after that connected me with Djfaith who was looking for players to start a competitive team. I got together with him and RainingSoulz and we built Via Victus. We were forever middle of the road, not the best team, not the worst, but group of friends who loved the crap out of that game and I wouldn't have traded it for a thing. We were never able to find a game we could all get behind and enjoy as much as we had with Legions, but Djfaith, Ultima, BeefThief, A2 and myself (also occasionally RainPilot, SemiKiller and FujinKiller) are all still together playing stuff. If anyone ever wants to catch up for old times sake or play same games you're welcome to stop by!

Via Victus ->
Founded as a competitive Fallen Empire: Legions team in 2008 and still going strong.


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You were an S tier punching bag and an S tier HoF. I miss the Zeta (Drunken Rage) days. That was probably the most fun group I've ever been with. Still is, and I know a lot of people. From the random moaning to crapping on everyone in competitive games (star wars defense vs DL and Mabel's team). I wish we could get together again, although Kryst doesn't get on anymore and Envy is skydiving. It was fun. We'll get PuG night servers back again in the future and it'll be as hot as when it started a year ago.


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Shout out to The_Phroo for getting me into my first PUG. Been playing this game since 2nd/3rd wave of closed beta after MungeParty brought me in. Met a lot of people who I consider to be some of my best friends, got a job from it, Midair was born from it, was an escape from some tough times back in the day. Legions holds a very special place in my heart. Thank you to everyone who made it great along the way!

If any of you are ever in Vancouver, hit me up. First round is on me. :D



can we PUG one time before christmas I promise I'll get a mic
miss u guys <3


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Anyone else hoping that lawbreakers will fill the void in there life?

Great post Contingency, its nice to see many of you sexy bastards are still around.
I upgraded my comp and am wondering if i should attempt to get a heartbeat out of this game...... please advise ::

and probably bunch of other names :)


Fixi you have to sell it more.. Midair is fun IMO, but only if you enjoy playing LT PUGs and can stand the PUG community. No way to play it at the moment though, but you can find out more from the link Fixious provided.