Supported Graphics card?


AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250
Is this supported? I get an error saying either directx isn't up to date, or the card doesn't support pixelshader 2, So I assume it isn't supported, just wanting to check.
(legions gets a gray screen after launch and I use ctrl-alt-del to check the error message. Then after I click 'ok' I get an error saying something about a canvas fail.)
I would upload the console.log, but the internet I'm on is really dodgy(And I still don't know how to do spoilers), this is the only page it would let me load, so no pastebin. I can upload later if it is required.

Edit: Working now:

Edit 2: Thanks for your help Seymour. I tried deleting the live folder and redownloading the launcher and it seems to work.