Rokkitball Remake?


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Hsp thought he was the *chocolate cookies* at that game. It was really fun when I took a break from legions, though. That would be fun to see it come back.


Oh boy, I look around the corner once again to see how everything is going and this is the first thing that pops up. Good to see that some of them guys from them old IA days are still around. If this 'remake' ever sees the light of day, it's gona be awesome!


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Oh boy, I look around the corner once again to see how everything is going and this is the first thing that pops up. Good to see that some of them guys from them old IA days are still around. If this 'remake' ever sees the light of day, it's gona be awesome!
Same here, i just decided to do some searching and here i am. Miss this game and you guys!


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Hey guys!

It's Rankor (tribalwar thread posted above) aka KaoticS from Rokkitball back in the day. I'm not sure if many remember me, I played with Joey a lot when he was around (also used to work with him). I've been very disatisfied with the PC Gaming competition scene lately. *Tribes: Ass-End* was the most recent game that has had my heart pumping in a while but the F2P model has killed the game. It's stifled creativity and literally has put a noose around the franchise in a way (in my oppinion).

I just wanted to drop by and say that this game is in deed in the works. I am spending all my free time on it (currently whooping my own ass learning 3D modeling better). I'm actually working on the Game design brief right now, it's a 20 page document or so. A manifesto of sorts. However, I very much want input from everybody. What was the Ideal RB in your mind back in the IA days? Like if you had full control over the game what would you have done differently? Things like that. This is a chance to do it right guys. Below is an excerpt from the Design Brief I'm working on for it (decided to cut and paste instead of the screen shot)


Original Rokkitball, More Freedom

The next installment of Rokkitball will more or less be exactly like the original Rokkitball. I plan on keeping all the mechanics as close to the original as possible. I will do my best to estimate the values as close to the original as possible until the IP / Source code can be bought (if – I have no idea how much it costs – if it’s reasonable maybe kick starter?)

Where this game will differ compared to the first installment of Rokkitball is that I want to try and make this game a community game. A game where the community can grab hold of it and do what they see fit with the game. That means:
  • Modeling- I plan on allowing custom models, however I am uncertain on whether or not I will be placing certain size restraints on the model. I don’t mind creativity, but this is a sports game and I need to make it balanced. As long as the models are the same height as the stock Actors (base character models of the game) I don’t think there should be any hit to fairness / gameplay.
  • Level Creation – I want users to be able to create their own levels. I imagine this could be done through the UDK editor pretty easily. I need to set some guidelines though for levels, things that absolutely should be included in a standard Rokkitball level:
    • Baskets: 3 Baskets for each team. Position, size, doesn't matter. Although I think sticking with the lower the point worth the bigger the basket, the higher the point worth the smaller the basket. Basket point scale will be 1 / 3 / 5 for the base mod.
    • Jump Ball – Just like the previous Rokkitball after every score the ball resets in the Jump ball position (usually the middle of the map, or two meeting points for the team)
    • Starting Positions – Each team needs 5 player starts. Should be mirrored each side.
    • Multipliers: I am trying something out. I thought that this could be a fun perk to add into the game (if too many people rally against this I'll just make an option to enable/disable Multipliers and by which ones). 10 Positions max each map that the multiplier could spawn. Multipliers will be spawned every 1 minute and 30 seconds (also an option to be changeable). The multiplier would pop up in a random spot each time. Each multiplier will last a base of 60 seconds. Things like this should be editable in the server configuration for the game.
      • Shot Throw Distance Multiplier– Does exactly what it says, increases your shot throw distance temporarily (regular pass shot).
      • Hammer Throw Distance Multiplier – Increases the range on Hammer throws temporarily
      • Speed Boost – Increases how fast the player moves on the ground temporarily but does not affect the max cap of speed.
      • Speed Tank – Increases the maximum amount of speed boost the player has temporarily but does not affect speed.
      • Double Jump Height Boost – Affects the amount of jump height you get out of each Jump
  • Skinning – Along with player models I am also allowing custom skinning (I love skinning)
  • Game Mods – Don’t like the standard base mod? Create your own Rokkitball mod and host a server for it. Start the next game type revolution
  • Ranked game play– Servers marked with the ranked flag are checked that they are running the standard ranked server. Ranked matches record your stats and compare them against other players across the world. Most likely to be implemented after release
Wanted to post part of the brief, maybe generate some discussion.

Keep in mind guys, I am an average developer. I am actually learning a lot of this as I go. I am a web developer by trade, and am fairly versed in programming (5-6 different programming languages), but learning UnrealScript and UDK is like being handed a dictionary and being asked to find the functions that make it work. It's a very big game engine, but I am finding the parts of the engine I need to make the functionality work first.

Since I am not a 3d artist by trade, I plan on getting all the game functionality working first (Physics gun, Rocket launcher, Double jump, Hammer throws, etc etc) working as intended before replacing all the stock art and assets with quality that deserves to be in RB (I hope LOL).

Also, looking for teamates. Don't care how skilled you are (well, I do, but I mean if your on the fence about it and you don't feel like your a sick nasty programmer, still shoot me a line). I just want people who love the game and who will be willing to put some time into it. I really need a 3d Artist to be honest LOL. Game will probably get built in half the time if that's all I need to focus on (them Digital Tutors tutorials are amazing though, seriously).

Hopefully this doesn't deflate hope in some people seeing that it is just one guy but lots of projects start this way, and I know how long everyone has been waiting for some glimmer of hope that RB would make a return

Frankly I got sick of waiting.

Sooooooooo ya, let me know what you guys think. Also made a subreddit /r/Rokkitball sign up if you want to stay in the loop. I'm going to try and post updates as I go with it.

Edit: Got rid of the screen shot, pasted the section in for readability. That and I could fix the grammar and non-proof read parts.