Plasma Bug


I play with 800x600 resolution, and blatantly legions lite. This glitch happens when I have my Plasma out. The big white block rarely moves unless I'm jetting in the air and pointing my reticle down at a weird angle.



Warrior of Linux
Same problem, only occurs in third person, and happens even when there are other players with plasma right next to you.

Is it possibly a bug with the level of detail preference ?


King of all Goblins
Funnily enough, I encounter that one too. But, and here comes the twist, only when other people use it. I usually play first person, and couldn't replicate it when playing on my own. Nonetheless, I do see it flicker in crowded games from time to time (no LL by the way).


I have the same problem. All weapons except CG, RL, LR and GL are affected by this bug. Plus the projectiles of the Plasma- and Blastergun.