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Hey guys,

I've just moved back to Edmonton from the very eastern part of Canada and I realized my ping is about 10 higher than it was back east, and I HATE it! I was just wondering if getting a better internet plan would do anything to lower my ping. I'll give you the information:

My average ping right now: 57 (that's a rough guess)
My internet connection right now:

25Mbps† Download speed

250GB included data

The average ping I want: 45
The internet connection I could upgrade to:

100Mbps† Download speed

500GB included data



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12ms is like an eye blink. Wouldn't worry about that much. If you really want help, then I guess someone else can help you more than I do.


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I knew my post would be shocking, haha. I am probably the pickiest person when it comes to ping.


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10 ping difference? Oh give me a break. 57 ping is nothing to be crying about.


there is a difference, but you should just adjust to it. no need to spend the extra money to upgrade your internet.


I disagree with most replies, there is a difference, a big difference when it comes to things like chain gun

there's a reason all the best people always have ping in 20s


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there's a reason all the best people always have ping in 20s

As always, you bring the wisdom.


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0-100 ping is the same. Just needs adjusting. Geckss always had 115 ping and he could still chain. It just needs some adjustement. 100+ ping is where it get difficult.


If you really feel like shelling out the big bucks, then do it, but I can't imagine upgrading my internet for the sole purpose of getting better ping in Leejunz. As others have said, it's not worth it and you'll get used to it. The difference is negligible - if it was a 50+ ping difference, I'd understand. But 12 ping difference? Nothing.


What I would give to have ping like yours anytime... 57 ping is awesome.

Also I don't think Legions (As it is now) is anything to pay huge money for.


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I agree with the guys who say even a little bit of an increase in ping effect chain gun. I mean, sure 10 or 20 ping doesn't mean much if your just using rockets and grenade lauchers. But when you start getting good with the chain gun and want to take 50 or 60% of the guys health out in mid air and instead you only get 15 or 20%, its pretty frustrating. I agree you can get used to it eventually, but the ping will ultimately effect your overall game play, which bugs me. Thanks for the posts, keep them coming!