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The master server has moved , please update with your launcher or your server list will be empty.

Also please give some feedback on the new maps , it will be up to the creators to keep them updated to community feedback.

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I had a chance to play Whiteout last night and it wasn't too bad, Reminds me a bit of Genesis with the base layout and side routes and a bit of Nivo/Frosty. I think a few areas of the terrain (mainly the center) would benefit from a little smoothing, some of the smaller slopes that lead right into another slope are just a little too steep to not take damage from no matter how you approach them. The side routes i played with where pretty fun and quick so the gameplay on the map was pretty fast paced and since it's a pretty small map i didn't see much rabbiting so + to that.

Still have not seen Catwalks and i really wanted to try that one just because the shot of it in the blog looks really awesome, but like usual the map rotation was SleepWalker/Moonshie/SleepWalker/Nivo/SleepWalker :(

The only problems i see with both maps are the generic frosty bases that every map uses, it gets boring quick.


I spent a few minutes going around Whiteout and I was although it's pretty fun I feel it has way too many flat areas and i don't know maybe it's just me but maps that are like leveled just don't feel right example frost has deep bowls that can be pretty fun to go around. Plus i think it can be a bit wider from the base to the boundary wall.
Edit : Defender's map first I was going to setup for a side route, finds frosty's base -.- that map has so much potential open the base up. It looks amazing the terrain is pretty good except some rough areas in the middle gj.


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Plus i think it can be a bit wider from the base to the boundary wall.

You mean more terrain going this way?


Feedback on the maps:
Whiteout: Really good, I think it was made very well and it's very playable and I get good fps on it
Catwalks: Ehhhhh Those catwalks cause lots of lag. If they were removed, the map would be more playable (to me at least)


Finally got to play catwalk on Hunters, it was apretty good map for that type of gameplay. The multiple levels on the center structure made you always wonder which direction a fight was coming from. Really enjoyable.