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That art style doesn't bother me too much, for a multiplayer game I prefer the bright graphics. I find I go a bit cross eyed if I'm playing something with a ton of detail (most recently Arkham Knight). With that said, I'm hoping the final character models will be less 'waxed prepubescent boys' and more 'hairy macho men'.

I'm hoping you're wrong about the cookie cutter sentiment, but it's hard to argue at this point. I'm hoping once the base assets are introduced, we'll get a better idea of how deep (or shallow) this game will be. Personally, I'd love to see the complexity of T1 and T2 return, where base management was a key feature. It seems to me that anything 'Tribes-inspired' lately has just been trying to squeeze the Tribes experience into something suitable for esports. It would be interesting to see a game that featured Blastside/Broadside/Scarabae-style matches, but with base customization and options similar to that of Minecraft.

Yeah I've felt the same for a while. The Greenlight video essentially shows LT; light armor, 3 weapons max, very open flag stand, no base assets other than a brief look at a sensor and generator essentially saying nothing more than 'hey , we exist!'. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a bit of LT every once in a while. But I sorely miss Tribes base. In an ideal world players wouldn't have to choose one gametype or another, but instead have several servers so we can try out whatever 'works' in Midair.

When you look at the history of Tribes, LT came about due to the player base dying. It's a mode suited for 7's and 5's, much like how Legions is. Then you look at Ascend which from the very start was decided it would be 7's for eternity (from both Hi-Rez and the competitive scene). It promotes faster and more exciting gameplay, but at the cost of base management and additional roles such as turret monkey, dedicated HO, goalie, etc. Not to mention it's a very different game compared to pubs(along with weapon bans...sigh), and I'm not a big fan of having disparity between pubs and competitive play. Anything to make the transition easier and attract pub players into the pug/comp scene gets my vote.

The LT crowd is very vocal right now, more-so than those who are looking for a more classic Tribes experience. The Greenlight details sort of hint at more of a classic approach (vehicles, deployables), but we have yet to actually see that or get detail regarding what the devs want to make. I can only assume the Kickstarter video will provide such details.
What's wrong with the art style? Yeah it's a little weird but not a turn off. I'm more concerned about game pace/play. As long as that is good who gives a *garsh* how cartoonish it looks. I mean look at overwatch, the graphics are completely cartoon, but gameplay is fantastic so no-one cares.

Also congrats on gl!

It's no secret that the best games with the highest populations has some of the most realistic art styles with tons of details to it (AAA games with huge fundings). There's a reason for it, it immerses players into the game and is mesmerizing.
For example, game of the year:

Now speaking with a couple devs, I realized that they most likely went with the cartoonish art style just because it was much cheaper and the devs were doing this voluntarily. It didn't make sense to spend much time on it to them. I disagree, but while I realize that topic is subjective to everyone, I only suggested realistic art styles because that's unfortunately one of the best ways to get a huge playerbase quickly.

In any new game that's coming out, or gameplay trailers, first thing you'll see are questions about the graphics in the video and how cool it "looks".


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Art styles should be based on how it impacts the tone/theme and feel of the game not just because it may look more real. Not only that but dumping money on "realistic" graphics don't make a good game (Destiny, The Order 1886, Arkham Origins, Watchdogs --- Mario Maker, Splatoon, Rocket League, Borderlands). Also we talk about how cool a game "looks" in trailers because you cant smell, touch, taste or play it. Both aspects the gameplay and grahpics are part of trailers and most people I know play games for the gameplay, the others generally just go to art galleries.

Personally I like the art style cause its something I haven't seen before.
Also congrats on green light!

On a side note Battlefront 3 is far from game of the year materiel, its severely lacking in content and tries to make up for it with good graphics and sound design.


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Those people are missing out on some fantastic titles then.
It's just like this. For example people who were trying T1 just before T:A came out. They didn't give it a chance because, you know, graphics suck. Man, get over with it, game mechanics are golden and it's going to be the best gaming experience in your life. So sad, that game can actually suck a donkey cock and still have plenty of success just because it looks good. People are weird like that, I suppose. :(

Edit: Hey thanks for the custom title, Mr. Gore. :D


People eat with their eyes first.. If the majority of discussions lean towards the art style or end up at the art style maybe it should be considered a problem.


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People eat with their eyes first.. If the majority of discussions lean towards the art style or end up at the art style maybe it should be considered a problem.
Tbh, these forums are one of the very few places I have seen people bring up issues with the art style.


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Tbh, these forums are one of the very few places I have seen people bring up issues with the art style.
Yeah and those many posts about graphics on Reddit and Youtube were just few people while general discussion was something totally else.
I am applying to the Midair team in hopes of becoming one of their artists. I even sent them a pic showcasing my skills as a proficient artist, and I provided a sample of my work in Paint.