Download Mini Gui


Legions Developer
I made this for my personal use but I thought that someone may want to use it as well so why not. It's another HUD/Gui I named Mini Gui. Preview below.

It is very minimalistic so if you don't want that, I wouldn't advise using this HUD. The health, energy, and core display are all in percentage form. The core display switches between the core percentage and speed depending on whether you have overdrive on or not. The clock is on the pause/escape menu below the scoreboard.

The download contains three folders, client and mods can be dragged into the live folder. I included the reticles if anyone wants them. They were on these forums a while back so I thought that it would be easier if I just packaged them with this if someone were to want to use them. I put them in a separate folder in case you don't wish to use them and if you do, drag the pngs into client/gui/images/hud/reticles.


** Back up live folder **
Download: Main UI, Scoreboard


i love this ALOT! but i cant tell if im in velocity warning or not cause it doesnt say :/ is this only me ?


For some reason it's not working...buttons and font stayed the same the only things that change are the ping and the player's name :[