Looking for a engine(C++) programmer.


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Seeking a C++ engine programmer to join the team to help me finish a project ! Blog post

LODC as its called is already not far off from being able to create these kind of camera moves/slowmotion from demo footage. Crucial engine tweaks needed though,
Legions needs you !
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I blame you for all the time manipulation in legions. *dance* warp, *dance* timeslam.
But srsly.. arena shooter.... It's 2015ish, can't we have a nice big open world/open map game ffs. Quake peaked 9 years ago.. Something else... anything else.
If everyone is making the same game over and over again what the hell is the point in trying to be creative.


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It's to show what kind of videos a Freecam demo system can produce.

I agree about arena shooters, I think the market does too. They tried hard to hype that nezuiz redo one a few years ago and failed badly.
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Pop, I just got out of my 2 year transitional program , doing well (still sober) :) Just got my own place w/ real net access and whatnot. I still have a lot of the old stuff i worked on w/ the demo engine a while back. And i'm interested. Shot you a PM