Legions Twitter Account

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This is a bit of a two-fer post.

Curious if anyone has already made one such as https://twitter.com/LegionsOD and if they would be willing to give it to us to use as our official one!

Once that is established and we have our official account, make sure to follow us!


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Legions_OD is available. Honestly, I'd rather wait till we know the official name of Legions II before going after a twitter account. I see some idiot got Legions2 as well about a year ago.


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Yeah, my apologies, it's been very inactive for the past few months, I'd gladly shut that account down and assist with the official Twitter page for Legions.


I thinK that's the best thing to do. Twitter is popular I think that having a legions account will help prompt it faster!
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