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Legions Heavy Release 2
(Client Mod)​
Release 2 comes packed full of high resolution building textures, almost all of which I am very pleased with. As indicated previously, this release focuses on Frostbyte textures, however due to the large number of textures shared between all Legions: Overdrive maps almost all of these textures can be seen in other maps. The color scheme is a bit different (and can certainly be modified if necessary) but I did my best to preserve the original feel.​

This is a project I started working on just after Legions: Overdrive was released and never quite got around to finishing up. Legions Heavy replaces the standard 256x256 resolution Legions textures with 1024x1024 normal and diffuse textures and 512x512 - 1024x1024 detail map textures, resulting in generally nicer looking terrain and objects. As I mentioned earlier this HD texture pack is not complete, but in its current state it replaces a more than moderate number of terrain and building/object textures.

Some sample before and after comparison screenshots:

More screenshots from previous releases:

How much will using Legions Heavy impact my performance?:
To be honest I don't have any solid data here. I would imagine that this wouldn't have much of an effect on game performance for the vast majority of modern computers. On my computer I never dip below 60+ fps with or without Legions Heavy (8GB RAM / NVIDIA GeForce GT 230).

Other Information and Important Sidenotes:
1) All textures used in Legions Heavy are edited textures originating from CGTextures.
2) All texture editing was done using The GIMP.
3) Textures of greater complexity than standard tileable ones are created using The GIMP and Blender.
4) Legions Heavy is so-named because it is in several regards the opposite of Mornaval's lag-reduction project, Legions Lite, which increases frame-rate drastically at the cost of aesthetics.

The Future of Legions Heavy:
After a moderate break following Release 2 I am now ready to start work on a third release (as of January 7th). I do not yet have any estimate for the release date as I do not know how large of a release this will be. Some goals for the release:
- Continue work on building textures.
- Add more terrain textures.
- Make attempts at UI improvements.
- This is something I've wanted to do for quite a while, and I feel that it will make this project as a whole that much better. We'll see where this goes.
Development is currently paused.

Download Links:
Mirror 1: Localhostr
Mirror 2: Rapidshare
Older versions of Legions Heavy can be made available upon request.
Additional mirrors can be added upon request.

Installation Instructions:
1) Extract the contents of the downloaded RAR file into your Legions: Overdrive directory.
2) Make sure you set your entire data directory to read-only ([Legions Directory] > Live > Legions > Data).
3) If further help is needed, ask a question below or see ColoredSpades' Guide to Installing Modifications.

Lastly: Have a suggestion? Found a mistake? Comments are always appreciated. Please leave one, whether negative or positive.


Wow, that is some incredible work you've done there. Props to you good sir. I'll see if I can test this tomorrow.


downloading now for testing, overall looks good.. thanks for the hard work..
I think I'm going to keep the base Legions sand textures, they look better to me.
In your version, the sand texture has small tile like looking effects that line up across large areas that don't look good to me. I think the texture Desert05_2, is the tile looking effect I see..

Maybe its the older Legions editor, causing it..
2 more pictures...



Legions Developer
the sand texture has small tile like looking effect
If it's not too much of a hassle could you provide a screenshot showing what you mean (I don't see any obvious sand-tiling when I play, for example, Zenith Cauldron)? When creating the texture pack I tried to avoid patterns within textures that would make Legions' tiling blatantly obvious and thought I had been successful enough at this. Hopefully this will help me to correct any such issues. Thank you.

Volt Cruelerz

Legions Developer
Legions Heavy

Love this :) Once legions gets unlocked, I think I may try to make higher poly models of the players (and maybe the bases if I'm bored). If so, would you mind integrating them into your mod if I did?

Also, is there any intent to increase the resolution on the player textures or no?


Legions Developer
Defender - I see what you mean now. That's the detail texture which is tiled all across the map; I was looking at the terrain textures themselves before. I'll try to fix it in the next release by making it more subtle, and the same for the snow detail texture which I now see has the same problem. Thanks.

Volt Cruelerz - I'd love to integrate your work into this. As for player textures I definitely would like to make higher resolution versions but do not know if I have the skill required to do anything spectacular with them. I'll certainly give it a shot at some point.

Volt Cruelerz

Legions Developer
I mean, there's certainly no guarantee that I'll do that, but it's always really bugged me how octagonal your jets look :mad:

Those WILL be the first things to have their count increased if it's feasible for me to increase the poly count.

@Devs: how are the textures mapped to the models? Would increasing the poly count screw up the texturing or so long as you keep everything the same shape for the most part and just increase poly count to make things rounder would it still work as is? Hopefully the answer is that it would still work because I haven't the foggiest idea how to map textures to models :(


Will there be a legions unheavy (like legions lite textures but more developed) by you? Like toning down the terrains etc more?


shaska's bff
Will there be a legions unheavy (like legions lite textures but more developed) by you? Like toning down the terrains etc more?

$pref::TS::detailAdjust = "0.45";

This setting is related to the above setting. This value can be anything between "0.45" to "0.01". The default value is "0.45", this value is the standard used in calculations by the game engine to lower the polycount based on distance away from camera. Setting this value lower will reduce the distance to potentially almost impossibly small distances. "0.01" is the value at which nearly all models are reduced to their most minimal polycounts. "0.01" is best for performance. This is fairly important to performance.

also, trooper was trying to make hires skins at some point if i recall correctly

Volt Cruelerz

Legions Developer
If you want that, open it in GIMP and pull out the paintrbrush, hold down ] for a few seconds, and then paint it primary yellow. There. Legions Uber-Lite

EDIT: then go into weapon skins..
  • Bullets: primary orange
  • RL Trail: primary blue
  • GL: grey
  • Mortar: primary green
  • etc
Then set all players to primary red.


that wouldn't really increase your performance by much, unless you decrease the resolution of the texture by a LOT.


Fps dropped from 55 to 47's but I think it's worth it, legions looks waaaaay more sexy and the bases are just jawdropping, never had I thought this would be possible in legions.