legions has made my screen go all pixelated..going down my screen in stripes down


I don't know what's happened.. was in the middle of a game and then couldn't see a thing because my rocket launcher and covered the whole of my screen and then the pixels started going all over my screen.. what's happened?


Click on the file which has the subfolder "live" and the legions launcher.
Open the "live" folder and you'll see another file with the name "console" on it.
Use pastebin.com and copy&paste all the text on that file, then post the pastebin link here.

This is all I can help with.


King of all Goblins
You won't get any useful help without providing detailed system specs/dxdiag/logfiles.


Fallen Empire: Legions - 10/13/2011 - 08:50:15
Checking for unused arguments...
Checking switch "log-mode"...
Checking switch "uid"...
Checking switch "sessid"...
Checking switch "modified"...
Error: Unknown command line switch: "modified".
Checking switch "nick"...
Error: Unknown command line switch: "nick".

Loading game scripts...
Loading Legions common scripts...
Loading client scripts...
Missing file: C:/Documents and Settings/Daniel Cleland/Desktop/live/client/scripts/utility.cs!
Loading gui scripts...
Loading script path "client/gui/profiles/" with extensions "cs^ts^gui"
Built pattern client/gui/profiles/*.cs^client/gui/profiles/*.ts^client/gui/profiles/*.gui^
Compiling files...
- Compiling client/gui/profiles/serverBrowser.cs
- Compiling client/gui/profiles/scoreboard.cs
- Compiling client/gui/profiles/menus.cs
- Compiling client/gui/profiles/loading.cs
- Compiling client/gui/profiles/gameHud.cs
- Compiling client/gui/profiles/fpsDisplay.cs
- Compiling client/gui/profiles/console.cs
Executing compiled dso files...
- Executing client/gui/profiles/serverBrowser.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/profiles/scoreboard.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/profiles/menus.cs.dso
client/gui/profiles/menus.cs (194): Unable to find parent object GuiPopUpMenuProfile for GuiControlProfile.
client/gui/profiles/menus.cs (212): Unable to find parent object GuiPopUpMenuDefault for GuiControlProfile.
client/gui/profiles/menus.cs (220): Unable to find parent object GuiPopupMenuItemBorder for GuiControlProfile.
- Executing client/gui/profiles/loading.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/profiles/gameHud.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/profiles/fpsDisplay.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/profiles/console.cs.dso

Loading script path "client/gui/scripts/" with extensions "cs^ts^gui"
Built pattern client/gui/scripts/*.cs^client/gui/scripts/*.ts^client/gui/scripts/*.gui^
Compiling files...
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/videoOptions.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/serverQuery.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/serverBrowser.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/scoreboard.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/pause.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/messageBox.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/mainMenu.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/loading.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/keybindings.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/hudElements.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/gameOptions.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/gameHud.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/fpsDisplay.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/connect.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/classSelection.cs
- Compiling client/gui/scripts/admin.cs
Executing compiled dso files...
- Executing client/gui/scripts/videoOptions.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/serverQuery.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/serverBrowser.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/scoreboard.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/pause.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/messageBox.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/mainMenu.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/loading.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/keybindings.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/hudElements.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/gameOptions.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/gameHud.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/fpsDisplay.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/connect.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/classSelection.cs.dso
- Executing client/gui/scripts/admin.cs.dso

Loading script path "mods/autoexec/" with extensions "cs^ts^gui"
Built pattern mods/autoexec/*.cs^mods/autoexec/*.ts^mods/autoexec/*.gui^
Compiling files...
Executing compiled dso files...

Initializing game...
Network Init:
Binding server port to default IP
UDP initialized on port 0

DirectX Init:
Version 9.0.0 c
Creating GFX device RADEON 9800 PRO (Microsoft Corporation) (D3D9)
Using 'd3dx9_42.dll' for D3DX
Failed to create hardware device, trying mixed device
Failed to create mixed mode device, trying software device
Failed to create software device, giving up
Con::execute - 4251 has no namespace: onDestroyMenu
client/scripts/canvas.cs (20): Register object failed for object Canvas of class GuiCanvas.
client/scripts/canvas.cs (24): Unable to find function errorf
there's the console thing