Legions and Memory

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First off, I have very shitty net. I've had this modem for over 12 years with no updates/upgrades to it.
This is a screenshot of a speedtest I did from my current isp and the ping was about 139 ms.
Whenever I'm in game and the game hasn't started as yet, my fps is fine but as soon as a game starts it drops from about 150-200 fps to around 5-40 fps. My ping spikes moving from 80s-120s thereabout.
Checked the task manager when Legions was running and it was running on about 690MB.
I don't know if it's my net or what, but it happens with most games and sometimes what I have to do is increase the memory usage for example on games running on java.
I was wondering if there was a way to increase the memory used by Legions so that it doesn't slow down whenever it's maxing out or something.
If there's any other specification that's needed to solve this problem just tell me and I'll gladly modify the post.
Thanks in advance.
i found your issue, you're running inefficient hardware
And how would I fix this?
Apparently AMD's integrated graphics run the game as badly as the Intel ones.
Oh really? Tbh I don't think it's my integrated graphics because I get close to 200 fps before a game starts. I think it's my net. I'm not sure.
Odd though that the game apparently runs fine before a game starts.
Very odd. I'll just drop this out there, I haven't changed my modem in like 12 years. No updates/upgrades to it either :(
After resetting my computer to its factory settings and changing my isp and buying a new modem that runs on 12 mbps the problem is now gone. I truthfully think it was the internet. Too many packets being sent or whatever caused the spiking of my ping which would cause my display to be kind of distorted as it isn't stable. That would then decrease my fps.
Thanks for all your help.
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